EU finance minister contemplating  ‘Plan B’ for Greece – 

Some eurozone finance ministers on Saturday acknowledged for the first time that they are considering plans on what to do if no deal on Greece’s future financing can be reached by the end of June. 

The statements by the finance ministers of Slovenia and Germany break a long-held taboo during eurozone crisis talks, where policy makers have been insisting that they are entirely focused on keeping Greece in the currency union with the help of more bailout loans. 

Yet, with the country’s existing €240 billion ($261 billion) bailout deal expiring at the end of June, and technical discussions on future support all but stuck despite big debt repayments looming in July and August, some politicians are starting to look at alternative scenarios. 

Slovenia’s finance minister confirmed that he raised the issue of a “Plan B” during Friday’s meeting with his eurozone counterparts, also known as the Eurogroup. 

“What my discussion was about is what we will do if…the new program will not be achieved in time for Greece to be able to finance itself and improve liquidity,” Dusan Mramor said Saturday morning. 

He denied, however, that the result of no new bailout deal would be an automatic exit of Greece from the eurozone. “A ‘Plan B’ can be anything,” Mr. Mramor said. Mr. Mramor’s suggestion was supported at Friday’s talks by the finance chiefs of Slovakia and Lithuania, according to a senior eurozone official. 

Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, was more oblique in his response to the question of whether his country had a ‘Plan B’. Schäuble also likened the preparations for a potential Greek default or euro exit to the reunification of Germany-a process that commenced with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 


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Google search change could cause ‘mobilegeddon’ – The power of Google 

Google will this week overhaulEd the way its search engine recommends websites on mobiles, an algorithmic shift that is likely to penalise many sites, including those of Microsoft and the European Union. 

The world’s most popular search engine will on Tuesday start updating its secret formula for ranking sites to favour those that are “mobile friendly”, while demoting sites that fail to meet its criteria. 

Experts in search engine optimisation have dubbed the shift “Mobilegeddon”, predicting that companies unprepared for the change will suffer heavily as a result. 

In an ironic twist, the EU, whose antitrust chief this week accused Google of illegally using its dominance in online search, is one of those likely to be penalised by the changes. 

An online test provided by Google shows that the EU’s Europa website is “not mobile-friendly”. It contains text that is “too small to read”, links that are “too close together”, and content that is wider than the screen. 

According to research compiled by Somo, a mobile marketing agency, some of the world’s largest companies will be punished by Google under the new algorithm. These include fashion brands such as Versace , technology sites such as Microsoft ‘s Windows Phone, and financial services companies such as Legal and General. 


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.


deVere Group International Investment Strategist Tom Elliott in Tokyo for 3 days

I am glad to have Tom Elliott in Tokyo for the next few days , he has a busy schedule with :

  • Client meetings
  • Seminars – Info
  • Internal Training
  • Interviews

The main areas he is covering are :

  • Global Opportunities
  • Market Volatility
  • Geo-Political Issues
  • Eurozone QE

Tom will be also doing a video on Japan giving his view on Abenomics , Yen , and the 2020 Olympics .

Who is Tom Elliott ?

Tom Elliott is the deVere Group’s International Strategist. His role is to help the Group’s clients to better understand the economic and political influences that drive capital markets, which in turn drive investor returns.

Tom, formerly an Executive Director at JP Morgan Asset Management, has 25 year’s experience in the financial sector.

He is currently a visiting lecturer in the department of political economy at King’s College, London.

Press Release

International Investment Strategy Department :

deVere Investment Strategy aims to provide clients with a comprehensive picture of the global economy and regular updates on current stock market and fixed income trends, in order to assist investors in making informed investment decisions. It is headed by Tom Elliott, deVere’s International Investment Strategist, who produces regular videos and blogs on a wide range of topical investment issues, and regularly speaks at seminars for clients at deVere offices around the world.

Multi asset portfolio benchmark

Tom’s investment opinions are based on the benchmark weightings shown below :

Note: The information contained in this chart is for general guidance on matters of interest only. The deVere Group disclaims any responsibility for content errors, omissions, or infringing material and disclaims any responsibility associated with relying on the information provided herein.


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