Manufacturing of latest technology to be shifted to America

A great piece on how hightech company are moving back to the my opinion this is no surprise as theft of Technology in the emerging market ,

Without patens and protection of them companies will loose huge amount of income ,

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Tony Evans

Manufacturing of latest technology to be shifted to America.

Manufacturing of latest technology to be shifted to America

Big technology companies like Google and Apple are favouring the United States as their preferred location for manufacturing their million-dollar investments in cutting edge technology.

Earlier this week, Google announced that it will manufacture Project Glass, its futuristic digital eyewear in America – in a high-profile example of the return of electronics manufacturing to the US, according to the Financial Times.

Specifically, the headsets of the next generation wearable computing will be manufactured at a Foxconn plant in Santa Clara, California – making it the second product that we know Google has manufactured on US soil, Verge has revealed.

Google Glass is an ambitious gadget that has already sparked obsession amongst tech lovers. It features an inbuilt camera that is controlled by voice recognition software and can send photos and videos directly to the web, via a connected smartphone. It also carries a small screen above the wearer’s right eye that displays search results and other information.

The high cost and complexity of the project therefore made it much more practical to base manufacturing operations near Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

Furthermore, in December, Apple CEO Tim Cook pledged to invest $100 million in American manufacturing to build Mac computers there. The company said that it will work with partners, rather than do it themselves, and that the operations will include more than just final assembly, wrote.

Such decisions to manufacture in America will definitely set a smile on US President Barack Obama, as this would boost his drive to ensure that ‘the next revolution in manufacturing is Made in America’, as announced during his State of the Union address.

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