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A cracking quote for Monday :”The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”

What a glorious and amazing Monday ,what a great start tian amazing week.

Saw this on the weekend and went how true is that ,

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?

Captain Jack Sparrow

No such things as problems just solutions that’s a little bit harder to see.

Lets lock and load.



Re Blogging #nigeljgreen -UK should prepare for wealth exodus after next election

I am re blogging The below from Nigel Green site as its a great article on the effect of politics on the economy

Link to Nigel Green Blog with the below article

Wealthy Britons and UK-based foreigners are likely to flee Britain and take their funds with them after the next general election as high tax Britain is set to become even higher tax Britain.

Higher tax Britain? Really? Yes, it seems so.

A leading think tank has warned that tax hikes of up to £9bn, which equates to 2p on the basic rate of income tax, are likely to be imposed after the next election to plug the huge hole that will be left in the government’s finances following the spending cuts scheduled for 2015 that were announced in George Osborne budget.

The astute number crunchers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies have shown that the government will have little alternative but to borrow more or increase taxes to pay for the Chancellor’s budget. As this is after an election, a time when MPs can more afford to take unpopular measures, it is highly probable that the newgovernment would opt for the former – taxes would be hiked up.

As such, Wednesday’s budget represents a little bit of pain today for a whole lot more tomorrow.

A tax hike could be the tipping point for many high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, who are the most mobile in society due to their abundant resources.

As so-called ‘high tax Britain’ is set to become ‘even higher tax Britain’, I would fully expect there to be something of a wealth exodus from the UK as wealthyBrits and non-domiciled taxpayers in the UK seek to move themselves and assets to lower-tax jurisdictions in order to safeguard their funds.

Whilst proponents of tax hikes try to dismiss any notion of a global phenomenon of tax migration, both current examples and history prove just the opposite. It’s clear: when high-net-worth individuals are taxed to perceived excessive levels, they simply move – because they can. They are, in effect, taxed out.

Clearly, such capital flight would be detrimental to the UK. HM Revenue and Customs estimate that Britain’s top 275,000 earners contributed more than £41.4bn in tax over the last financial year, which equals 25.7 per cent of the UK’s total income tax bill. This is revenue the country simply cannot afford to lose.

If the UK is serious about boosting its coffers, it should be becoming more tax competitive, to attract high-net-worth individuals and job-creating firms, not less. Indeed, as David Cameron has previously said, the red-carpet should be rolled out for them.

Nigel Green

blog written 23rd March

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

Superb quote ,

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.

A inspirational quote I saw today and had to share.

Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to.


Japanese Economy Gives Investors A Yen For Risk

A great article on iExpats on the JPY and how Abenomics is changing Japanese mentally and the world attitude to risk in Japan .

A very good read.

Japanese Economy Gives Investors A Yen For Risk
By Lisa Smith March 22, 2013

A number of different factors have joined together to encourage investors to ditch safe assets and head for riskier investments.

Many professional investors are heading towards Japanese equities because of the country’s weak yen which helps boost exports and increasing confidence among Japanese companies.

Others are ditching Australian bonds and reducing their gold holdings.
The downward slide of the UK pound is also making British equities more attractive, particularly in those firms which trade in dollars or export in volume.
To underline this move, one major player, Baring Multi Asset Fund, has increased its equity exposure in Japan from zero at the end of last year to a current standing of 4% – and they are looking to invest more.

Flagging economy

Fund manager Andrew Cole said that the Japanese government’s manipulating of the yen was helping to boost the flagging economy and, as a result, the recovery in Japanese equities was sustainable.

He added: “The measures taken by the Bank of Japan appear to be more credible than anything we have seen in the past and, as such, we believe Japanese equities are set to provide good opportunities for investors.”

Mr Cole says gold exposure has been reduced and will need an unorthodox fiscal intervention in the US for the price to keep rising.

The fund is also slashing the proportion of assets which are hedged in Sterling from 79% last autumn to 68% in the first quarter of this year.

They are also selling Australian bonds as government debt in safe havens comes under pressure and investors move to riskier profiles against what is seen as an expensive asset class.

The outlook of Barings is underlined by a Credit Suisse report which highlights two reasons as to why investors are adopting a riskier stance for their investments.

Stops and starts

The first, they say, is that economic growth in the US will pick up this year and lead the global recovery and, secondly, that the world’s central banks will raise interest rates this year as they leave their stimulus measures behind them.

However, they warn that the markets will fluctuate dependent on economic data being published but that the swings will be pauses rather than peaks and troughs and that the markets will continue their upturn.

Economists at Credit Suisse are predicting an up-coming slowdown in the world economy but this will not be followed by a sharp decline in growth and that the market’s mood of optimism could be undermined leading to short term falls.

The firm also points to the Japanese economy enjoying a strong rebound this year with better growth figures for both China and Europe.


J.P. Morgan Asset Management launches JPM Fusion Fund range through deVere Group

J.P. Morgan Asset Management launches JPM Fusion Fund range through deVere Group.

deVere Group Tony Evans supports Executive Fight Night in Tokyo

Press Release on deVere Group Tony Evans supports Executive Fight Night in Tokyo

deVere Group Tony Evans supports Executive Fight Night in Tokyo

deVere Group Area Manager Tony Evans is sponsoring the up-coming Tokyo edition of Executive Fight Night, the worldwide popular sell-out charity boxing event.

The Executive Fight Night is a global success story where executives from all walks of life sign-up for intensive boxing and fitness training with the aim of taking part in the black-tie boxing event at which they fight in front of hundreds of guests cheering them on.

On the inaugural Fight Night, sixteen courageous Tokyo-based executives will fight against each other in a safe, professional, Vegas-style black-tie boxing event.

The up-coming edition of the Executive Fight Night, where deVere Group Area Manager Tony Evans will be Gold Sponsor, will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo and guests will enjoy a 4-course sit-down dinner.

Ginja Ninja GK sees the event as a great opportunity to fight for a good cause, with all the money raised from the charity auction and raffle going to an exceptional cause. In 2013, the charity of choice will be Refugees International Japan, a non profit organisation dedicated to raising funds to assist refugees who have been displaced as a result of war and conflict.

deVere Group Area Manager Tony Evans commented, “It is a privilege to be named Gold Sponsor of the popular Executive Fight Night. I am sure it will be a fun night for deVere clients attending exclusively. In addition, we hope to raise as much money as possible for such a noble cause.”

Ginja Ninjas Co Founder Eddie Nixon stated, “We are extremely excited and proud to have the deVere Group on board as a premium partner for Executive Fight Night, Tokyo’s hottest premium event amongst both local and international executives. This support from Tony Evans and the deVere Group here in Japan will undoubtedly add to the quality of the night and be a key boost to help us achieve our fundraising goals for this year’s charity of choice, Refugees International Japan”.

Refugees International President & CEO Jane Best added, “Refugees International Japan is the chosen charity for EFN II with all proceeds from the exciting ‘Bid for Hope’ live ‘telethon’ style auction and raffle going to support RIJ priority projects in Syria, Burma and Uganda. RIJ and EFN II are aiming to raise 8million yen to help change the lives of thousands of refugees by providing essential health, education and resettlement kits that will ultimately enable families to rebuild their lives and return home”.



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