New Rules on Money Transfer in Japan and overseas -1st April 2013

As of today April 1st 2013 , all individuals ( Japanese or Foreign ) in Japan sending money inside of outside Japan may be required to present additional documents :
-ID, passport / gaijin card
-why bank transfer?
-employment status ( proofs of status maybe )

This is a huge crackdown to the criminal proceeds & in connection to the “Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds” .

Japan is getting tough on ” the yakuza ” mainly as the amount of money they make is staggering one part of the Yakuza business is pachinko parlours and they account for 3% of Japan GDP $ 163 billion (if it was a country it would be the 93rd largest country int world. , .

Lets hope this doesn’t effect normal people to much.

Please see announcement on

Click to access sekourei2504.pdf


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