Tokyo to get 24/7 transport- party about to come back ?

Many people have been forced into an all-night cyber cafe , mc Donald’s of just hanging around the nightclubs after missing the last train home , this is not fun . Why ? As at midnight the train stops and busses and then your stuck were you are unless you want spend a fortune on taxi .

Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose has been working on plans to introduce 24-hour buses and late-night subway services in Tokyo , first on the agenda is a with an all-night bus route between Roppongi and Shibuya.
Tokyo’s trains and subways only operate 24 hour do this once a year, on New Year’s Eve, and Governor Inose admitted that it would be difficult to create the Big Apple’s level of service since subways in Tokyo don’t have multiple tracks.
To the the city that is the best in public services I am surprised this hasn’t been done before , could this be another Abenomics policy of getting the city working 24/7 ?

What i hear the bus route will start between the party capitals of Roppongi and Shibuya,

Taxi drivers will not be happy but customers will be !

Is this in preparation for Japan booming and the party coming back here in force?

Tony Evans
Tokyo Japan


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