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Tokyo Kaleidoscope donates Executive Fight Night with prize and also donation on custom orders

Myself and deVere Group are proud to be Gold Sponsors of Executive Fight Night II . We are pleased to announce that Tokyo Kaleidoscope is contributing to this year’s event with a custom made donation to the raffle and also any dresses / bow ties bought for the event will be given a :

• Discount: 10% off
• Donation: 1500JPY

Please find Tokyo Kaleidoscope flyer offer :

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So positive energy is essential if you want to success


Tony Evans


“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see.”

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see.

I was reading this quote and thought this is what makes the difference between extraordinary and ordinary , ability to see outside our known reality .

Christopher Columbus sailed a flat earth to prove it wasn’t.

Black swan perfect example , our reality today will change , if you want to be ahead of it think of it yourself .

iPad a norm for many people these days 10 years ago wasn’t event a reality ,

What we think we become .

Have a cracking end to the day ,

Tony Evans


Breaking News -8 Chinese ships enter Senkaku/Diaoyu islands

japan chinaEight Chinese government ships enter waters around disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, Japan Coast Guard says .

Watch the yen strengthen and the Nikkei give up the gains ,

Japan has summoned the Chinese ambassador after eight Chinese patrol ships sailed near the disputed islands.

China said its ships have been monitoring Japanese vessels, as a group of Japanese activists sailed several boats to the area.

Tony Evans

Tokyo , 13:49

Happy St George’s Day to all my friends & family from England

On that note a cup of tea is required .

Tony Evans


“If its important to you, You will find a way. If its not, You will find an excuse. “

If its important to you, You will find a way. If its not, You will find an excuse.

How many times have I heard from people excuses about why they didn’t succeed? So many , if. You want something as badly as you want to breath you will succeed .

Hers to another extraordinary day , be thankful .

Lets lock and load,

Tony Evans


The Lady that made Britain Great again –

Tony Evans - Tokyo

Whether you agreed with her politics or not, everyone has to admit she was a true patriot with defined ethos and ideology .

She loved her country and had an ideology that she would quiver from , this I respect so much , not like todays politicians changing policy to keep the public happy .

Her Ideology not just changed the face of Great Britain but also the world .

Below is a link to a article by the Mayor of London that I think is very good .

She saved the UK from being strangled by the power of the union , stood up to Argentina and wouldn’t be bullied by the EU . The quote that I will always associate with her is :

“defeat i dont recognise the meaning of the word -Thatcher

As a child of the Thatcher era I thank you as without you I…

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Hong Kong House price to drop 25%

Through the last 10 years we have seen that bricks and mortar aren’t as safe as houses as people believe . People buy property for 3 reason , to live , as investment or to run a business .

Most people that buy as a investment have the illusion property will continue to go up in prices but sadly this is never the case. As we saw in the great crash of 2007/8 this was all based on people not been able to pay the mortgage . During that time what as apparent is people forgot the basic rules of finance, what you borrow you must pay back & something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it .

Tony Evasn

deVere Group Hong Kong home prices to drop 25%.

Hong Kong home prices to drop 25%

According to an analyst report, Hong Kong home prices are expected to drop as much as 25%, on the back of government measures to curb an asset bubble and as banks raised their mortgage rates.

In the week that ended on April 14, an index that tracks home prices dropped the most in almost three years after the government introduced its toughest measures yet to cool prices in February. Analysts led by Kenneth Tsang wrote in a report today that consequently, the number of new apartment sales will remain largely subdued as developers shift their focus to cheaper and smaller units to boost sales.

Moreover, Deutsche Bank AG said in a report last month that house price in Hong Kong Prices could fall as much as 20% over the next two years.

It has been said that Cheung Kong Holdings, which lowered prices by almost 10% last month, may introduce even more price cuts to boost sales.

As a result of the expected drop in home prices, analysts assigned an underweight rating to Hong Kong developers and are advising investors to sell Henderson Land Development Co. because of its strong competition.

¥24m /£180k /$240k – Watch for sale in Tokyo

Walking to a meeting in Ginza and saw this in the window ,¥24m /£180k /$240k for a watch .If there’s a recession in Japan , no ones told them !

This is why Japan will succeed they have the money to do so .

Tony Evans
Tokyo Japan


“Who Ever Is Trying To Bring You Down Is Already Below You” don’t let them bring you down .

What a glorious morning it here in Tokyo ,

Monday the day of the week which has all the anticipation and promise last week left .

A cracking quote :

Who Ever Is Trying To Bring You Down Is Already Below You</

Lets lock and load and enjoy this week .

Tony Evans ,