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deVere looking for individuals for global expansion – 13th April 2013 London preview

I am pleased to announce Nigel Green CEO of deVere Group will be having an invitation only preview on 13thApril 2013 in centre of London ( This is an invitation only event )

If you would like to attend read the below and if your interested in hearing more email me at :

I have personally worked for deVere for over 8 years and all I can say is , deVere gives you the opportunity to succeed . All they request is hard work , intelligence and willing to learn’

This is a very rare opportunity to sit and speak to our CEO about what roles are available .

This is a interview of our CEO talking how he wants 200 offices !!

The deVere Group Graduate Scheme provides both new and recent graduates the chance to learn about the industry and provide them with an ample platform to create business with the onsite training in our London office. We provide a full introduction to the financial services industry to ensure that our graduates have a strong platform to build on to become a successful financial planning consultant.

The deVere Group is the largest independent international group of international financial advisors which provides expatriates and global international investors financial advice for their medium to long term investments. We typically assist clients in retirement and education planning as providing for the future has become more important than ever.
With 70,000 clients worldwide and $9 billion of funds under administration, the deVere Group is expanding. We work closely with a number of leading fund houses to provide a top quality service to all of our clients globally and as a result of some major successes we continue to grow. This is why we want to hear from you.
As we continue to expand, we are looking for exceptional international financial advisors in order to continue our global expansion. We are looking for those motivated and determined individuals who strive to achieve their goals and targets.
If you are looking for your international financial advisor role to allow you:

  • To progress within an ever growing company that can offer you outstanding prospects for exceptional career development.
  • A professional training programme on which to build foundations and participation in the internationally recognised financial advisor qualification from CISI.
  • An opportunity to earn an extremely competitive salary.
  • The opportunity to work overseas in one of our global office locations.

Then we can offer our international financial advisors all of this and more.
As an international financial advisor with the deVere Group you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for your career with great training and development skills provided. We encourage our financial advisors to grow within the company.

Opportunity in :

Botswana, Budapest, China – Beijing ,China – Shanghai , China – Shenzhen , Cyprus ,Czech Republic , France – Nice , France – Paris , France – Toulouse , Germany – Hamburg , Germany– Munich , Germany – Frankfurt , Ghana , Greece , Hong Kong , India , Indonesia – Bali , Indonesia – Jakarta , Italy , Japan – Tokyo , Kenya , Kuwait , Luxembourg ,Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia – Penang , Mauritius ,Mozambique , Philippines – Manila ,Poland, London , Portugal , Qatar , Russia – Moscow , South Africa – Cape Town, South Africa – Durban , South Africa – Johannesburg , Spain – Barcelona , Spain- Costa Blanca , Spain – Madrid , Spain- Marbella , Spain – Palma , Switzerland-Basel ,Switzerland-Geneva , Thailand– Bangkok, Thailand -Pattaya ,Abu Dhabi , Al Ain , Dubai , Uganda ,Ukraine , United Kingdom-London , USA – New York , USA- Miami , Vietnam -Hanoi , Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City , Zambia , Zimbabwe


Yen Drops to Lowest Since June 2009 !!

What a cracking start to a Monday , Market Booming and Yen dropping .

The yen dropped to the weakest level since June 2009 as investors sold the currency amid concern measures to fight deflation. Also a lot of the companies now are re setting the hedging they have .

The yen was little changed after finance ministry data showed Japan’s current account surplus, the widest measure of trade, was larger than economists forecast

Lets enjoy this rally , Japan has waited for so long for this , may it last long .

Yen Rates :
$- 98.85
Euro -128.44
£ – 151.2
AUD – 102.086

Tony Evans ,

Bloomberg li

“your greatest obstacle in life stares back at you every time you look in the mirror”

your greatest obstacle in life stares back at you every time you look in the mirror

Great thing is you have the ability to change that if you want .
There will be many other things in your way , why add to it and place yourself there also ?

Happy Monday

Tony Evans


Re Blog Nigel Green – Bold move by Japan

Great post by our CEO talking about Japan ,
Abenomics there will be winners and loosers ,
Problem now is the “silver savers ” they have seen their income buying power increase over the last 20 years , if they start being a problem this could all be for nothing !

They control $7trillion ! In personal assets ,

Tony Evans

Nigel Green – Bold move by Japan

Having spent 20 years in the economic doldrums Japans new Prime Minister has attacked the stagnate economy with massive QE. The Bank of Japan is preparing to boost its balance sheet to 60 per cent of GDP by next year. In ther words its printing extra money to the equivalent of Turkey . Its a massive boast to the Japanese economy and think ultimately to the World economy. The US is picking up nicely, China is doing well, all it needs now is a European reaction. So far the only reaction from Europe is the European Central Bank primed the markets for a possible cut in interest rates to 0.5 per cent as soon as next month.

The massive QE in Japan caused the yen spiralled downwards as Haruhiko Kuroda, the new Governor of the Bank of Japan, used his first policy meeting to jettison the ultracautious approach championed by his predecessor and announce a doubling of his balance sheet in an explicit attempt to hit a 2 per cent inflation target.
The Bank of Japan’s radicalism surpassed analysts’ expectations: it is preparing to boost its balance sheet to 60 per cent of GDP by next year as it gobbles up government bonds and other assets.
Investors should consider more exposure as the World economies start recovery, and limit exposure to Govt Bonds. At some point interest rates will raise and when they do expect a massive fall in bond values.
Nigel Green deVere Group

Churchill – “For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else”

For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else.

I was reading ” The wicked Witt of Sir Winston Churchill “ and I read the above quote ,and went how true is that .

Churchill is one of my all time hero and inspirational person ,
During WW2 he was the only positive voice , in the end he was right .

Personally I would make optimism compulsory , why would you choose anything ells .

Tony Evans


Goals – what to expect ?How to deal with it ?

I saw this the other day and went how true is this ?
When you try and reach your goal there is always going to be people in your way :

From :

Scary !

Personally I always remember that there will be set backs and negative influence , don’t let them take you off your dream corse

I type this and Rocky is on TV and just heard a great quote

don’t tell me about it show me

Show yourself don’t tell yourself

Tony Evans ,


BOOMING BOOMINGJapan’s Nikkei in best shape since 2008

Japan market is BOOMING !
I can feel a massive end to the year , my prediction of over 13,500 was thought of as crazy by many , today I have a big smile , lucky I am not one of those guys that will say I told you you so but I told you so !

Ride the highs and sell the lows ,

Tony Evans

Japan's Nikkei in best shape since 2008.

Japan’s Nikkei in best shape since 2008

The Japanese stock market hit its highest level in almost five years on Friday, after the Bank of Japan ambitious stimulus plan raised hope of economic revival, after years of slow growth.

The main Nikkei 225 stock index climbed as much as 4.7% to 13,225.62 earlier today – its highest since August 2008. By the end of the trading day, the Nikkei closed up 1.58%.

Meanwhile, the Bank of Japan said on Thursday that it plans to double the country’s money supply in an attempt to spur growth and stop prices from falling. The news took investors by surprise as it was a much bigger step than expected and therefore signalled a more aggressive approach towards accelerating economic growth.

Analysts praised BoJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s bold moves for his understanding of how global markets and investors would react when it comes to monetary policy.

The so-called Abenomics, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic policies, have drawn attention of investors who were not previously interest in Japan, according to Economists.

By pumping more money into the system, Japan is hoping to promote price growth, ending a cycle of deflation, recession and sputtering economic recovery. Concurrently, it is also hopes to weaken its currency in order to boost exports.

Notably, in the past two days alone, the Japanese yen declined 4.5% against the US dollar and more than 5% against the Euro.

Nikkei Up 4%This morning !!

Nikkei open 4% !96.3$ ! This morning !!

Sitting at my desk I feel Japan is on the way to a BOOM ! Markets going crazy ,

I been in Japan 8 years and loved it in a depression , I don’t know what will happen when the markets boom , marriage made in heaven ?

Tony Evans , Tokyo


success is never owned it is rented and the rent is due everyday

What a cracking quote to start this beautiful day :

success is never owned it is rented and the rent is due everyday

Made me think that I should remember this , yesterday success was yesterday today is the only day that matters now . This also goes for any negativity , not letting yesterday problems effect you today ,

Today has all the possibilities for success , question is do you the Coinage to pay the rent ?

Lets lock and load and enjoy this amazing day ,

Lets lock and load ,

Tony Evans , Tokyo


Happy Friday to to deVere Group clients , we beats banks with 13% return in just 6 months

deVere Group beats banks with 13% return in just 6 months.

I am in the process of writing 4 emails to clients stating that they made 13% in 6 months ! They will have a very Good Friday , I can’t wait to get the responses .

Got to love success. Success breeds more success .

Tony Evans , Tokyo

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