Where do the world’s millionaires and billionaires live in?

Where or where do the millionaires and billionaires live?Which city is money capital ?

Well it falls into categories ;
2.Multi Millionaires

1.Millionaires Tokyo

Most $USD millionaires are located in the great city of Tokyo , with all the luxury brands and Michelin restaurants you can see and feel it.


2.Multi Millionaires London

Classified as individuals with a networth over $30million .
London what a city , in my personal view the capital city of the world as its so diverse .


3.Billionaire New York
Forth scream of the crop, successful , top of the chain it’s NewYork.
70 billionaires call it Home or in their case one of there homes


Tokyo 461,000
New York 389,000
London 281,000

Multi Millionaire
London 4,224
Tokyo 3,525
Singapore 3,154

New York 70
Moscow 64
London 54

Where ever is the money there is there the brains and a country growth .

Government should be welcoming these individuals not trying to tax them away, in a world where individuals have the opportunity and the freedom to move its never been easier for them to find countries that will welcome them .

Tony Evans

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