Japan WWII forced’ comfort women ‘were ‘necessary’ – Hashimoto

I was gob smacked to read about this . This is a Mayor of Osaka , one of Japan largest and richest city’s described as “necessary” the system by which women were forced to become
prostitutes for World War II troops .

He stated that he understood that the women were forced “against their will”.

Quoted by Japanese media, he said: “In the circumstances in which bullets are
flying like rain and wind, the soldiers are running around at the risk of losing
their lives,”

For a country that I truly love , for such comments to be made in this day and age is totally unacceptable .

When Japan is being viewed with positivity and excitement around the word for there action again deflation and to get the economy growing . Japan does not need this .

Last weeks gaff in Tokyo will more that doubly loose Japan bid for the Olympics .

Looking at this I shake my head and go this is not Japan this is just a comment from one person ,

And all I can think of is a quote :

‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’



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