THANK YOU for supporting Refugees International Japan at Executive Fight Night II

The below was sent to me as a thanks for supporting this great event , We Work hard to be able to help others that are hard up .

I will be supporting both events again .


Tony Evans

THANK YOU for supporting Refugees International Japan at Executive Fight Night II

On 24 May at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 450 guests gathered for an evening of lively entertainment! The amazing array of prizes led to frenetic and competitive bidding in the auction and a run on

raffle ticket sales. As a result Refugees International Japan reached its target for the evening, raising ¥7,897,000 allowing nearly 3,500 people to build a better future for themselves. This was only possible

thanks to our generous donors.

Who your support helps:

Syrian school children taking refuge in Jordan and neighboring countries can attend school through the provision of essential

uniforms and textbooks. These children will finally have a sense of stability and the ability to continue their crucial education even away from home .

Mother and Baby Kits provide essential supplies for mothers and their new born children in Thailand and Burma. Reducing infant mortality and giving the

children a better start in life.

Hundreds of internally displaced people in Uganda finally returning home after nearly thirty years of civil war will have access to water sterilisers mosquito nets

and resetttlement kits which provide families with seeds and tools necessary to support themselves.

Youth living in camps on the Thai-Burma Border have the chance to receive higher education through the Karenni Further Studies Program. Giving them the chance to

learn essential skills that will not only support their families but help create sustainable communities in a time of instability

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