deVere Group Japan attends reception with President François Hollande

On June 8th President François Hollande attended his first official visit to Japan to meet Prime Minster Abe .

During his visit he was very positive of Prime Minster Abe ‘ Abenomics ‘ economics policy and would like to take some ideas with him .

The President made a speech on the final day of his visit to Japan, saying that the potentially destructive debt crisis has served to “reinforce” Europe and foster greater integration of the 17 euro currency members.

He said authorities are developing tools to ensure greater stability and solidarity such as a Europe-wide “banking union” and budgetary rules.

“What you need to understand here in Japan is that the crisis in Europe is over. And that we can work together, France and Japan, to open new doors for economic progress,” he said in the speech at the Imperial Hotel organized by The Nikkei, a major financial newspaper.

Hollande called Japan an “exceptional partner” and urged both countries to invest more in each other economic development / success . France’s annual exports to Japan total about 7.5 billion euros (£6.3 billion), while its imports are just over 9 billion euros. Both rank 11th as respective trade partners.

deVere Group Intern Pierre Alexandre Pont with President François Hollande .

Jean-Louis Spotti, French Senior advisor at deVere Group Japan says ” Its good to see the President in Japan to highlight the significance of the French Japanese relationship” .

Tony Evans ,

Area Manager Japan deVere Group .

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