IMF raises growth for Japan

On Tuesday IMF raised its economic growth estimate for Japan in 2013 . This is due to Abenonics effect on the economy , USA &China and world growth was reduced .

IMF projected that the Japanese economy will grow 2.0 % this year in terms of inflation-adjusted gross domestic product, up 0.4 %point from its April forecast . They saw growth for 2014 reduced based on global environment .

The IMF also projected the global economy will expand 3.1%this year, down from its earlier estimate of 3.3 percent, before growing 3.8 percent in 2014, also down from its earlier forecast of 4.0 percent!
As always some do better than others ,

Abenonics has taken effect now lets see if the policy changes will come or this can easily be Changed to the good or bad .

Tony Evans


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