GlaxoSmithKline in £300m bribery scandal

Isn’t that the pot calling the pot black!

GlaxoSmithKline in £300m bribery scandal.

Britain’s largest pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline, has been accused of bribing doctors with cash and sexual favours in return for prescribing the company’s drugs.

Chinese authorities have detained four senior Chinese GlaxoSmithKline executives as part of an ongoing investigations stretching back to 2007 involving £320m.

The Chinese investigator leading the probe said the head of GSK’s Chinese operations, Mark Reilly, a British national, left the country on 27th June and has not returned.

Gao Feng, the head of China’s fraud unit, said: “We found that bribery is a core part of the activities of the company. To boost their share prices and sales, the company performed illegal actions.”

GSK is alleged to have used a network of more than 700 middlemen and travel agencies to bribe doctors and lawyers with cash and even sexual favours.

GSK said it was “deeply concerned and disappointed” by the allegations and said it would “co-operate fully” with the Chinese authorities. However, Gao said the Chinese investigators had yet to receive any information from GSK’s British headquarters.

Last week, GSK said a four-month internal investigation into its Chinese operation had found no evidence of bribery or corruption of doctors or officials.

Gao said the GSK probe could be extended to other foreign drug companies. “We have also found some clues of illegal money transfers involving other foreign companies,” he said.


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