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The greatest food in human history ?Mc Donald’s

Interesting article that I have seen circulating the web ! An Article in the New York Post by Kyle Smith ,

Article here :

Mc Donald’s !

Here’s some responses :

Yahoo news – McDonald’s McDouble Is Cheap but Far From Nutritious

Daily Mail – Is the McDonald’s McDouble the ‘cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history?’

The greatest food in human history


How to dress for success ? Lessons from Harvey Spector

“People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.”

This is what Harvey Specter responded when Mike Ross asked him “Why does it matter how much I spend on a suit”.

I know I am quoting from the TV series “Suits” but I get asked that quiet a lot why you wearing a suit in this weather ?

People have prejudices based on how we’re dressed. So in order for you to make a good first impression I make the effort as you only have one chance to make a first impression .The idea of dressing for success is not a new one. It is built on the premise that what you wear contributes largely to your success in the professional & personal world. Recently I been doing interviews due to expansion and the way people dressed told me straight away , yes or no .

Your suit in my opinion is your language to the world

From the colour , style & cut .
Also what accessories you wear & carry ? Mikey mouse watch or an Omega ?
Mont Blanc or Bic pen ?

A friend sent me a article and said ”
It’s your war clothes ! ” and it had the below ;

Here’s the break-down of the Harvey Specter power suit look:

– a custom tailored 3-piece pinstripe suit (with vest) such as this one or this one with the following features:
– flapped pockets with a ticket pocket
– double-vents
– boutonniere
– wider peak lapels
Then add these power accessories:

– pocket square
– cufflinks
– pick up a custom tailored shirt and opt for spread collars and french cuffs
– pick up a 3-3.5 inch width bold tie with a larger knot such as a windsor knot

The 10 Things We Can Learn From Harvey Specter From ‘Suits’


Lehman pensions case: a much needed reality check –

This was written by our CEO Nigel Green ,
Very interesting article on some “safe pension schemes ” that turned out not to be so safe .

Nigel Green -Lehman pensions case: a much needed reality check

Lehman pensions case: a much needed reality check The bankrupt groups Lehman Brothers and Nortel Networks (a Canadian telecoms organisation) won a landmark case in the Supreme Court yesterday over The Pensions Regulator’s (TPR) assertion that pension members should be given priority over the firms’ other creditors. Lehman Brothers and Nortel Networks left pension deficits of £130 million and £2.1 billion, respectively. This is a case where the term ‘landmark’ is certainly not wheeled out flippantly, as the ruling is likely to set a precedent for the other companies which fail and subsequently leave behind pension deficits. If nothing else, this judgement finally provides clarity to pension members that their pensions take no special priority within the company and any handout of assets in the event of liquidation. There is growing realisation among pension members that their once-considered ‘bullet proof’ final salary schemes are not so secure after all – and should their sponsoring company go into liquidation then they may find themselves waiting patiently in line with the rest of the company’s unsecured creditors. With economic concerns still prevailing, coupled with huge advances in technology (making it likely that some corporate giants of today might not even exist in decades to come) , it would be almost impossible to say that, in the vast majority of cases, company pension schemes are these days ‘guaranteed’. Indeed, as I recently pointed out, these schemes are, by their very nature, reliant on the financial stability of the members’ firm. The question someone, especially a younger worker, should ask themselves is ‘will my company still exist and be financially sound in three or four decades’ time when I come to draw my pension?’ The news underscores once again what deVere has been saying for years – that financial security is increasingly becoming a personal responsibility for each and every one of us – we can no longer hold on to assumptions that greater agencies (such as companies, the State) will be able to provide for us in the way they have done for previous generations. The world has changed. With this in mind, we need to ensure we have a sound, efficient and achievable financial plan in order to reach – and hopefully exceed – our objectives, which include for most people is financial freedom in our mature years.


Japanese Shares Rebound on Yen & Jobless numbers

Japanese Shares Rebound on Yen weakening for the first time in over 4 days ! What a relief as I was looking at the rate and seeing 97 a good possibility .

Why the change ?

Japanese jobless rate dropped , which is a good indication that that Prime Minister Abe & BOJ Governor Kuroda Abenomics and monetary easing is working .

Yesterday Governor Kuroda gave a positive assessment of the effects of the stimulus the central bank rolled out in April, saying the economy is on track to exit 15 years of declining prices.

But in the current market it can turn in a second and we can loose 100/200 points , all now waits ok the FED meeting.

Buy Stocks on the Rumor, Sell on the News

Seams the only way to making money in this market conventionally .

Tony Evans


The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. Lombardi

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

Vince Lombardi

In my opinion one of the greatest leaders / motivational speaker .
Vince Lombardi ! Most people outside the USA aren’t aware of this great man . If you don’t pick up the books .


USD retreats ahead of Fed meeting

USD retreats ahead of Fed meeting.

The currency markets are expecting the US Federal Reserve to offer forward guidance on keeping interest rates low for some time and as a result, the US Dollar is retreating – hitting a one-month low against the Yen.

Following a 1.2% loss last week, in the third consecutive weekly loss, the dollar index is now holding just above key chart support, which could spur more losses in holiday-thinned trade.

The US Dollar was also broadly under pressure ahead of a two-day meeting of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy committee starting on Tuesday.

Mirroring a Wall Street Journal article last week, JPMorgan Strategist John Norman said that the Fed is likely to change its forward guidance in an attempt to convince markets that rates will stay near zero for a long time to come – even if the Fed slows down asset buying.

Against this backdrop, the dollar index fell to as low as 81.499, its lowest level since June 20.

Meanwhile, the Yen was the strongest mover in Asian trade, with the Dollar/Yen falling 0.5% to 97.80 Yen, to the lowest since June. Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said that the bank’s quantitative easing plan is working well, but this provided only a limited boost to Dollar/Yen.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Happy Monday people ,


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