Las Vegas Experience

Why am I posting about Vegas ? Well it was a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine on Friday when we discussed Vegas and why I love it .

I have a mantra ;

work hard play hard

I love Vegas because its everything to everyone , has spectacular hotels , restaurants , night clubs , spa , shows and many more .

As I was talking to my friend I came to the confusion that

“Money can’t make you happy , but money gives you the ability to have experiences ”

This is the place the greats where , Elvis , The Rat Pack , Sinatra , and many more .

As such me and my friends are looking at doing a trip to Vegas .

Life’s a Cabaret ,

Tony Evans
Las Vegas Experience Article

What a place !


Not just gambling and party’s , amazing history and nature things to do also .


Spectacular cuisine , with restaurants that give you a 360 view .


Amazing shows , and if your lucky you might get to meet the performers .




    • Alwena
    • August 4th, 2013

    I quite agree”Amazing”xx

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