Google buys Glass patent for iconic tech eyewear

Google buys Glass patent for iconic tech eyewear.

Tech geeks may not need to wait much longer for futuristic eyewear, as Google has just confirmed that it has bought technology patents from Foxconn, the maker of glass eyewear.

Google Glass, which has yet to go on sale to the public, allows users to see information on a transparent screen slightly above their normal field of vision.The patents were related to the displays, through which virtual images can be superimposed on a real-world view.

In an obvious attempt to kick-start start its venture into wearable gadgets, the deal marks a rare example of a US technology company buying intellectual property from an Asian manufacturer.

Google Glass is currently only available to developers and costs $1500. It provides users with an image that floats in front of the right eye and has a 5-megapixel camera capable of recording 720p video built-in, a microphone for voice commands and 12GB of usable storage. Google Glass supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but works best in partnership with an Android or iOS smartphone.

Meanwhile, Apple has not yet announced plans for wearable technology products.

However, Analysts in the field suggest that growth of wearable technology may lead to a spate of patent litigation, similar to that which has dominated the smartphone industry in recent years.

Foxconn said that such patents are ‘commonly used in aviation and tactical/ground displays, engineering and scientific design applications, gaming and video devices as well as training and simulation tools’.


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