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Cameron says world must act on Syria, weighs response

Cameron says world must act on Syria, weighs response.

British Prime Minister David Cameron described the suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria as “absolutely abhorrent”, saying the world needed to take immediate action, and that Britain was considering a “proportionate response”.

A spokesman for Cameron said the prime minister was aware of the need to “make a clear case” if he did take a decision to use force. He said that Britain’s armed forces were making sure they were in a position to respond militarily if asked to do so, but emphasizing that no decision to use force had been taken yet, and would have to be preceded by evidence from a range of sources.

Cameron had to cut his holiday short to return to London. He will announce later today whether he will recall parliament, which is currently in summer recess. On Wednesday, he will chair a meeting of Britain’s National Security Council to discuss the matter. Discussions are expected between Cameron and other world leaders in the meantime to make sure any response is coordinated.

“Any use of chemical weapons is completely and utterly abhorrent and unacceptable, and the international community needs to respond to that. Any decision taken will be taken under a strict international framework.”


US will reach debt limit in October

US will reach debt limit in October.

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is reminding policy makers that the clock is ticking – the US will reach its debt limit by mid-October and Congress needs to act quickly.

Jack Lew claims that failure to act soon could result in significant disruptions to US economy, the largest economy on the world. If the debt ceiling is reached, the US Government can no longer borrow money and as such, it will be unable to meet obligations such as pensions, military salaries and Medicare payments.

In a letter to House Speaker, Lew said that “Extraordinary measures are projected to be exhausted in the middle of October”. At that point, the US will have reached the limit of its borrowing authority, and Treasury would be left to fund the government with only the cash it has on hand on any given day, he added.

This would place the United States in ‘an unacceptable position’, according to Lew. Such a scenario could undermine financial markets and result in significant disruptions to the economy.

In recent years, there have been tense debates between the White House and congressional Republicans over the government’s debt ceiling, spending cuts, and other fiscal matters. In January, the debt ceiling was last raised to $16.7 trillion.

In August 2011, the Republicans and the Democrats took a hard line while debating raising the borrowing limits. However, then they reached a compromise on the day the Government’s debt ceiling was due to be breached. The compromise included a series of automatic budget cuts known as the ‘sequester’ which came into affect earlier this year.

At that time, the delay in reaching a deal led ratings agency Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the US for the first time ever, which sparked volatility in the financial markets.


16 Things You Should Do At The End Of Every Work Day

A interesting read ,

Article below .
16 Things You Should Do At The End Of Every Work Day


Ten Wines For A Smaller, Smarter, Drinkable Collection

I love wine and its also a key component in my investment portfolio .

Great article on wine investments and guides how to :


1.) Bordeaux: 2005, 2009 or 2010 vintages

2.) A mix of Italian reds

3.) A mixed case of Chateauneuf-du-Pape

4.) A mixed case of California Cabernets

5.) A mixed case of reds from New Zealand

6.) A mixed case of dessert wine: Six Sauternes, six German Rieslings

7.) A mixed case of Burgundy: Six white, six red

8.) A mixed case of vintage Champagne

9.) A mixed case of Single Quinta Vintage Ports (or Madeira)

10.) 12 Random bottles you just can’t part with

Full article here :

Ten Wines For A Smaller, Smarter, Drinkable Collection


“Success occurs when your dreams become bigger than your excuses”

Here here ,


a man is never as rich as he is in true friendship .

a man is never as rich as he is in true friendship .


Only idiots get bored when we’ve all got handheld devices containing infinite knowledge at our fingertips

This made me laugh , how true !

Only idiots get bored when we’ve all got handheld devices containing infinite knowledge at our fingertips.

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