Traits Of Extremely Successful People

Success is something that all of us want but its not that easy . The rarity of success makes it so special and elusive is what makes it special. And it wasn’t because they were lucky or because it was just handed to them. Its because they have earned it .

Working yourself from the bottom to the top ! I know a lot of successful people and they started from the bottom , their desire to win and hard work makes them successful .

Successful People Never Quit :

Most people would run or hide if something is to hard . I have to say I do love a challenge , to tell you the truth I thrive under that situation .

‘I would rather die than quit’

I believe that quote sums it up .


‘Its all about who you know , not what you know ‘

This statement is event more important today . Social media , internet , Your network is your net worth, as the good old saying goes.

They are constantly networking with others, exchanging information and asking people what they do before they even ask their name. 


They Work Extremely Hard

Without hard work you will not have the things you want . The basic science of life is :

input will equal your output’

Don’t depend on luck to get them anywhere, they depend on their skills and ambition to get them to where they want and they belief they can .

Hard work becomes part of your life , waking up at 5 am , working all day , Why ? as they love it . And I can truly say this as I do get up at 5 and work , as I love it .

I often hear ” I wish I had more time in a day ” then asking them how long they sleep ? 8/10 hours !! Want more time sleep less , very simple .

Get up 90 min early will mean you get an extra day (24 hours) in 16 days & 23 days in a year !

Waking up before anybody else allows you to work out the logistics of the day to come, track your time .

They Are Incredibly Curious And Eager To Learn.

Most people are stubborn; they don’t like to learn or explore new things and are very narrow-minded. Successful people are the complete opposite. They are very open-minded and are always studying something new, learning and constantly asking questions so that they can find out more information.

They know that knowledge is the backbone of success and they are hungry for more information because the more they know the easier it makes it for them. They apply or take advantage of what they learn in life. Successful people want to learn everything about everything!

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