Tokyo Olympics win could boost economy by $1 TRILLION

Congratulation’s to Tokyo on wining the Bid .

As I type this I am looking at the Japanese futures seeing them up over 2.6% .And the yen weakens.

The main thing this will do is to boost confidence , after 2011 earthquake & tsunami Japan needs the boost .

Also a report from Daiwa stating that the Olympics could have a $1 trillion dollar boost the economy .

Bloomberg – Tokyo Olympics Win Seen Boosting Infrastructure, Abe’s Recovery

According to Robert Feldman head of Japan economic research at Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co

“Our rough view is that the impact could be at least similar to the U.K., at around 0.7-0.8 percent of GDP (JGDPAGDP) over 7 years, or about 3-4 trillion yen on a value added basis, or about 6-8 trillion yen on a gross output basis,” he wrote in a Sept. 4 report.

Looking at the situation Tokyo / Japan has it all coming up , Abenomics , Rugby World Cup , Olympics .

The only place to be is Japan it seams .

Tony Evans

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