How to make galloping returns on forex 2014 .

This is my personal view on forex and how I am going to take advantage of this . My view is Sterling will be the global safe haven currency of 2014 this is due Britain’s strengthening economy makes it a magnet for inward investment . The economy had had a huge turnaround with economic data going from bad to strong growth and there is no end in sight .

I have been looking how emerging market currency has had a huge hit as investors take money out as the economy’s has slowed down , also they hedging themselves on the Fed tapering program , every time the FED has tapered it has created a ripple effect , Argentina and Asian Crisis to name few .

Another reason the pound is strengthening is the UK has a stable political situation , the USA has been damaged greatly with the shutdown , the EU political / economy situation hasn’t changed or improved .

Looking at it I can see the pound reaching :

•$ -1.75 / 1.82
•€ – 1.30
•¥ – 185 / if interest rate increases 200.

Good time to take advantage of this , if you like to know how mail me .

Here’s to the year of the horse and galloping returns


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