5Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Something I been working on a lot more for the list but I thought I start with 5 :

  1. Give Up !

Obvious but its true , if you going to succeed personally / business then quitting is never an option . This is qhy goals are so important to help you through and give you strength .

  1. Looking backwards

Looking backwards and focusing on the now . Strong individuals focus on the present moment and on tomorrow .

  1. Stay in the comfort zone

The most dangerous place for success , as it never is found there . Pushing oneself out of the comfort zine will mean new success and experiences

  1. Read & discuss for peoples opinion .

Educating oneself with ideas a point of view through education of through discussion .

  1. Change /Adapt :

Every second the world changes and as such will never be the same again . So we need to as the saying goes ‘change and adapt to survive’


Tony Evans , Tokyo

11th January 2014

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