Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night IV – Aaron Manley

Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night IV – “Fists of Fury”


Aaron Manley
Age: 35
Assessment day weight: 99.2
Nationality: Irish
Company: Tenneco Japan
Occupation: Engineer

A 2 year old patient at Shizuoka Children’s Hospital cheers Aaron on with their drawing.Fighters are fighting to make sure our Facility Dog Program is with patients and families every step of the way. Join the fighters in encouraging the kids in hospitals to keep fighting, to keep shining on! Pledge now!

Thank you to all the children and parents for the lovely sweet photos – they are adorable.
Bailey and Yogi have made some amazing friends.
Please lend your kind support to this great cause and our charity boxing event.
All contributions will help make a difference to children in need. ~Aaron

Pledge Now!

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