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Limits like fears are usually just illusions


It’s a slow process , but quitting won’t speed it up

It’s a slow process , but quitting won’t speed it up

How true !


Are you among the world’s wealthiest? This will surprise you

Yesterday I was reading Credit Suisse report on global wealth , $3,650 would place you among the world wealthiest !!

Lasr year global wealth grew by 8.3% and now the global wealth worldwide if $263billion

Distribution of Wealth :


$91,240 bn


$85,200 bn

Asia Pacific

$49,849 bn


$21,404 bn

Latin America

$9,113 bn


$3,604 bn


$2,831 bn


The average person is worth $56,000.

An individual $3,650 ( all assets ) you among the wealthiest 50 % of the world population .The other half own only 1% of the world wealth !

77pc of adults – that’s 3.3bn people – have less than $10,000 .

To be the top 10pc of richest people – membership requirement is $77,000 – hold 87pc of the world’s wealth.

$798,000 is what you require to be in the top percentile of the world’s wealthiest. 1 % accounts for almost half – 48.2pc – of global assets.

This report I found very interesting / scary .


Tony Evans


Supporting Run for Cure Foundation “Casino Night”

In today’s world we know someone close to us , friends or family that have been touched by cancer . I think it’s our duty to do what we can to find , diagnose , treat and care , as it could effect us .

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. – Sir Winston Churchill

That saying is engrained into both mine and the company ethos .

This Event will be supported by myself , clients , colleagues and friends. With 2 full tables it should be another cracking night .

The event will be catered by legendary Tokyo Chef, Sohan Ahluwalia .

The Mission statement of the foundation is as follows;

Run for the Cure Foundation (RFTC)’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer in Japan as a life-threatening disease through education, timely screening, and treatment.

Through our activities, RFTC will:

•Fund breast cancer education initiatives
•Fund clinical examinations and mammography machines
•Donate funds to organizations that promote activities specific to the mission of the Foundation
•Develop and execute community outreach programs

Looking forward to Friday ,

Regards ,

Tony Evans

The game room last year

Life is to short to be living somebody ells is dream – Hugh Hefner

Good morning !
What a cracking day to star living your own dreams , if you won’t who will ?

Lock and load



It’s not bragging if it’s true


You don’t sent a puppy to the clean up it’s own mess – Harvey Spector


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