Tokyo named safest city in the world

I was just reading the Economist’s Intelligence Unit that has released the ranking of the safest major cities in the world, and Tokyo comes out on top.

Of course for anyone that lives here understands and appreciates this .

There was different factors that came into account of the rankings .

•Digital security — This measures the quality of a city’s cybersecurity, the frequency of identity theft, and other factors related to digital security.

•Health security — This metric looks at average life expectancy of a city’s citizens as well as the ratio of hospital beds to the size of the population.

•Infrastructure — This looks at factors like the quality of roads and the number of people who die from natural disasters.

•Personal safety — This category looks at more traditional safety measures like crime, the level of police engagement, and the number of violent crimes.

The rankings were :

1. Tokyo
2. Singapore
3. Osaka
4. Stockholm
5. Amsterdam
6. Sydney
7. Zurich
8. Toronto
9. Melbourne
10. New York

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  1. Hi Tony, this doesn’t surprise me at all, my visits to Tokyo have been nothing but perfect, if I had a chance I would move there in a heart beat. Anyone looking to work with Tony in Tokyo I can highly recommend it, and it will be one of the best moves you can make

  2. Hi Tony, this is great news, however it does not surprise me. Every visit to Tokyo has been nothing but perfect. Anyone looking to move to Tokyo and work with Tony I can not recommend it enough. Amazing city to live and work in and a great team.

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