Changing my lifestyle using maths and hard work 

13 months ago I was in Shangahi and was talking with Nigel  about fitness and health and how that effects all aspect of life . 

At the time I had a ” brain of a gladiator but the body of the michelin man ” .

So I decided I was going to change my health and fitness around , so withthe help of Nigel He mentioned a few things . 

A1. Monitor . 
What you eat and what you do . 

It’s very simple the body is a machine what ever you put in is either burned off or stored , 

To monitor my activity I bought Jawbone as this monitors activity and sleep . This I have to say was ettential as I placed a goal of 10,000 steps a day and I made sure I achieved it . 

One week ago I reached 4milliom steps a average of 12,000 a day 

Strongly reccomend this for anyone looking to getting fit and healthy as it links up the iPhone and advices on ypur diet / activity and sleep what you need to do more of / less of . A feature which I see valuable is the ability to connect with friends and monitor and encourage each other . We might have all the advance technology in the world but deep down peer pressure and group mentalty has such amazing effect . 

2. Activity

One key thing I needed to do was to increase my activity . I did this on many forms :

  • Swimming 
  • Elliptical Machine 
  • Rowing machine 
  • Kettle bells 
  • ( If you ever watched week in life Nigel you understand why !) 
  • Boxing –  as someone who enjoyes the sporty of boxing .  Typing this I am in training with the guys and girls for “Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night “
  • Joined Club 360 in Tokyo , which helped me with fitness and nutrition ( there be specific blog post on this next week )

3. Goals –

Without goals we can’t measure how far we gone and how far we need to go .  When I started I had a huge goal to achieve so I broke it down to months , weeks , day goals . By knowing my numbers I was able to reach goals . 4 week to go to hit my target 82kg and 15% body  fat .

There’s so much information on what worked for me but knowing the figures was key . 

I became passionate about food and how it effects the body , mind . The way the body works and how excersie on mind / body . 

I be writing more about this as this has become a passion for me now , as the healthy living has become a lifestyle choice for me  and I can tell you it was one of best desicion I ever made .
Tony Evans 


Health and Wealth Video 

Blood  Numbers 

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