Live – Fight 4 Tiffany “The Dark Force” Knight vs Jac “The Reaper” Alexander

Fight No.4 at the Tony Evans and deVere Group EFN V. Meet the Fighters: Tiffany “The Dark Force” Knight vs Jac “The Reaper” Alexander. Who will win?

6月19日のグランドハイアットでのTony Evans and deVere Group EFN Vの第4試合はTiffany “The Dark Force” Knight vs Jac “The Reaper” Alexanderです。どちらが勝つと思いますか?

Fight commences at 21:04 UTC

Watch the fight live on :

Tiffany K

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Age – 35
Nationality – USA
Assessment day weight – 75 kg
Been training since – last June. Actually, I volunteered for EFN4 weigh-in and I thought…this is something I need to try. I wanted to look as fit as those fighters!
Company – Makuhari Junior and Senior High School
Why are you fighting? I am fighting for the kids!
Favorite quote – God help you begin and he will help you finish (Philippians 1:6)
Message to kids – You’re victory is right around the corner! Keep fighting. Stay strong!

Jacqueline Alexander

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Age – 36
Nickname – Jac ”The Reaper”
Nationality – Native American
Assessment day weight – 68.4 kg
Been training since – September 2014
Company – J. Alexander MUA
Position – Professional Makeup Artist
Why are you fighting? If I am able to shine some light for these little fighters then why not be in their corner.
Favorite quote – “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Willy Wonka

Charity of the Evening :

Shine On Kids

Childhood Cancer in Japan

Childhood cancer is the number one cause of death for children in Japan after accidents. A child is diagnosed with cancer in Japan about once every 3-4 hours each day. While the prognosis for many childhood cancers has improved significantly, the treatment process is still long and grueling. Children undergoing treatment for cancer in Japan are generally hospitalized for quite a long time – 6 months to one year or more. This puts an incredible burden on the patients and on the family supporting them. For example, mothers go to the hospital daily, staying from early morning until their child goes to sleep at night. By necessity, their world becomes the hospital, even if this is at the expense of spending time with the rest of their family. For the children undergoing cancer treatment, hospitalization can be isolating (often children under 12 are not allowed to visit the cancer ward) and frustrating. Most kids in treatment really want nothing more than to do normal kid things – like play with friends, eat what they want and go to school.


Drawing from the personal experience of the Ferris’, listening to the needs of parents and with the guidance of a quality Japanese medical advisory team, Shine On! Kids is working towards the following goals:

  1. To empower children with cancer and their families through innovative programs using arts in medicine, animal therapy and skilled counseling.
  2. To realize excellence in medical teams and treatment by providing additional medical staff, enabling collaboration among medical teams and supporting targeted research.
  3. To raise awareness of childhood cancer in the community through academic circles, general public volunteering and corporate sponsor involvement

Main sponsor of the Evening:

deVere Group

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deVere Group helps clients safeguard and grow their money, according to their medium- to long- term requirements. Services we offer include insurance policies, investment options, savings and pensions. Our operations are carried out on a case-by-case basis by our qualified network of international financial advisers, allowing us to take each client’s goals and expectations into consideration when charting our financial plans and delivering the professional financial advisory services we are renowned for.

With deVere Group, international investors can rest assured that their financial portfolio is in safe, experienced hands that know what it takes to make wealth grow.

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