If you won’t take risk you will works for others that do

Be your own boss may seem to be risky at first bu however If you think being your own boss is risky, then try working for someone else’s dream and let me know how it works.

  1. Taking risks has always been part of man’s evolution.
    Before men were a caveman , they were living outside , someone had to take a risk and go into the cave and set up . Humans had to take trial to progress .

2.Risk will be taken , why not yourself and enjoy the reward ?

In life, you will find risk takers… and the rest. So which one will you be?
Being employed you a follower, you are placing your fate in someone else’s hands. If they succeed, they get the benefits if they loose they create a new venture.

  1. taking risks makes you learn faster
    The best lessons I have had in life is from from failure and moving forward . Successful entrepreneurs have often failed several businesses before they nail it down and are labeled “successful”.

4.Becoming a leader

When you take risks, even if you fail, the people around you, your peers, your employees and even your ennemies will respect you.

Because true entrepreneurs don’t look at failure like a final state. On the contrary: they know it is actually getting one step closer to success.

Simply To be victorious, there must be leaders, and risks must be taken. And sometimes, risks look like failure, when they are actually a step stone to a larger success.

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