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The deVere Group announces a new Partnership with Real Estate Advisory, IP Global

The deVere Group announces a new Partnership with Real Estate Advisory, IP Global.

The deVere Group announces a new Partnership with Real Estate Advisory, IP Global

IP Global to provide expert real estate advisory to deVere Group’s investors worldwide.

IP Global, the full service real estate investment company, and deVere Group, the world’s largest independent international financial consultancy, have announced a landmark global partnership. The tie-up between two industry-leaders will see IP Global provide real estate investment services and advisory to up to 70,000 of deVere’s high net worth clients around the world.

The agreement is a first in the financial consultancy sector and comes at a time of growing investor interest in real estate investment. The deVere Group operates in 70 offices around the world, and the new partnership will provide deVere’s clients, who currently have US$9 billion of funds under management, with access to strategic property investments in high-value real estate markets for the first time.

The new partnership will expand IP Global’s international reach by giving the company a platform to offer its end-to-end real estate investment service in a variety of new markets.

Tim Murphy, CEO, IP Global, said: “We are delighted that IP Global will be providing property investments for the deVere Group. Our team of experts ensure we deliver the high standards and satisfactory returns our clients expect, plus our end-to-end service to manage all aspects of the investment process. This will complement deVere Group’s existing investment offering and open up this high-potential investment sector for its clients.

With over US$1 billion invested alongside our clients in 19 markets throughout the world since 2005 and over GBP 100 million invested in London this year alone, this partnership will further enhance IP Global’s offerings to investors globally. This is a testament to the expertise and reputation IP Global has developed for providing credible, independent real estate investment advice.”

Nigel Green, chief executive of the deVere Group, said: “We have seen growing demand from our clients around the world for real estate investment services and products, and this partnership will help them develop their wealth portfolios further, with access to expert advice and support from a leading real estate investment company”. “We have been consistently impressed by the knowledge and service delivered by IP Global, and we look forward to expanding together as a result of this partnership.”

The IP Global model supports the needs of IFAs’ wealth management clients by offering property as a key asset class and managing the end-to-end investment process. The company will continue to work with a range of IFA partners around the world to identify the right real estate investment solutions for their clients.

IP Global aims to provide investors with an increasing range of property investment opportunities and will expand its teams and operations to support the growth generated by the partnership with deVere Group.

About IP Global Ltd
IP Global is a property investment company that researches and sources prime investment opportunities in high-value markets and invests alongside its clients, sharing the same risk and rewards. It supports investors throughout the purchase, ownership, leasing and resale of their property investment, including financing and legal assistance, providing a uniquely unified, end-to-end service. Established in Hong Kong in 2005 and with a worldwide presence through offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, China, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and London, IP Global provides unique property investment opportunities for its multimarket client base. It has successfully invested in more than 19 markets globally, with total assets under management exceeding USD1 billion.

About deVere Group

The deVere Group is the World’s Largest Independent International Financial Consultancy. International investors and expatriates employ us to find financial services products that suit their medium to long term requirements for investments, savings and pensions. With in excess of US$9 billion of funds under administration and management, deVere has more than 70,000 clients in over 100 countries. Our independence and ability to offer financial products that are tailor-made to fit an individual’s needs are behind our success.


Is QROPS changing?

QROPS Blog – Is QROPS changing?

Is QROPS changing?
JULY 26, 2013
June 2013 brought a major shockwave in the QROPS industry, as the HM Revenue & Customs has been forced to deliver a policy statement that reviews its policies in selecting and handling qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes.

This policy statement was then delivered on the 12 July – but has not been made public yet.

Experts warned that the delay could be a sign of a major shake-up in the way QROPS will be operated.

We have put together a list of what impact HMRC’s new review may have:

1. Nothing could change

HMRC could simply restate its aims – since it is not technically required to do anything beyond publishing a review of policies. HMRC could simply justify its policies in the public domain and where necessary, provide additional clarification for confused UK pension holders.

2. HMRC may become more selective in QROPS providers

HMRC may become more rigid in the way offshore pension schemes like QROPS are designated.

Fewer schemes could mean better relationships between HMRC and QROPS providers, ensuring that misunderstandings happen far less often.

3. HMRC may try to make QROPS unattractive to savers

HMRC may deliberately make QROPS less attractive to expats by increasing the minimum level which must be set aside to provide savers with an income for life, which is currently set at 70%. The remaining 30% can be taken as tax free lump-sum.

4. HMRC may try to make QROPS unattractive to providers

HMRC could impose charges on providers to maintain their QROPS status, in order to reduce the attractiveness of QROPS.

The option for QROPS providers would be to either pass this cost to their customers, resulting in lower returns, or end their involvement with QROPS all together.

5. HMRC may cancel QROPS all together

The notion of HMRC drastically rebranding the scheme to make it unrecognisable, or removing the UK pension transfer ability altogether, is not beyond the realm of possibility – according to experts. Especially when considering the amount of hassle HMRC faces to maintain QROPS.

Sources: International Adviser


Barclays calls for £5.8bn cash to fill shortfall

Barclays calls for £5.8bn cash to fill shortfall.

Earlier today Barclays revealed that it plans to issue £5.8 billion in new shares in an effort to build cash and refill a capital shortfall created by new regulatory demands – a move that will make the bank stronger, Barclays said.

In addition, Barclays will also issue £2 billion of bonds that are turned into shares or wiped out if the bank gets into trouble.

The share sale will be done as a rights issue, which means that existing investors will have the opportunity to buy new shares so their stakes will not be diluted.

Notably, within the same breath, Barclays also admitted that adjusted second quarter pre-tax profit fell 17% to £3.6 billion.

The plans enable the bank to maintain its planned level of lending growth, according to Barclays chief executive Antony Jenkins.

“I am certain the decisive and prompt action we are taking will leave Barclays stronger”, he stated.

The Barclays move comes after the banking regulator, the Prudential Regulation Authority, issued tough new capital requirements aimed at ensuring that banks are protected from the risk of investment losses, even in the event of a fresh financial crisis.


Warning: Final Salary Schemes’ Deficit Grows « BCCJ Acumen

This is a new article I just published in the British Chamber of Commerce Japan on the pension crisis in the UK .

Warning: Final Salary Schemes’ Deficit Grows « BCCJ Acumen – The Magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

The first article was :
UK Firm Pensions: Is the End Nigh

If you like more info please don’t hesitate to contact me .

Tony Evans


Alex Flynn Prepares To Take On The Ultimate Mountain Ultra In His Campaign To Run 10 Million Meters By 2014

He’s a true inspiration ,please donate .


AdveAlex Flynn Prepares To Take On The Ultimate Mountain Ultra In His Campaign To Run 10 Million Meters By 2014.

Adventurer, endurance athlete, and relentless fundraiser, Alex Flynn, is set to take on one of his toughest challenges to date, the Beyond the Ultimate, Mountain Ultra on 2nd August 2013, in his bid to run, cycle, swim, climb, kayak or crawl 10 Million Meters by early 2014.

After being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease in 2008, Alex has dedicated his life to raise funds to help find a cure for the disease. He has made it his mission to cumulatively run 10 Million Metres by 2014, and raise over £1 million for both the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

The Beyond the Ultimate, Mountain Ultra, a 220km multi-stage event over the infamous Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA, is the world’s first and only self-sufficient multi-stage mountain ultra, starting in the picturesque town of Crested Butte.

The race takes a wild and rugged tour of some of the wildest and most remote regions in Colorado, all the way through Aspen and finishing in Snowmass. Participants will take part at over 9000ft, rising to 13000ft, and is deemed the toughest of the Beyond the Ultimate Ultras Series. Runners are self-sufficient, carrying their own provisions such as food, water, clothing and sleeping arrangements.

Ahead of the race, father of three Alex, aged 41, comments: “As I start to edge nearer that 10 Million Meters mark, every step I take in each race is a real milestone in what I set out to achieve with this challenge. It has by no means been an easy ride to get to where I am today, as I battle gruelling training schedules alongside the day-to-day effects of a relentless and unforgiving disease.

“10 Million Meters has become my life, and I have currently run 9,386,315 metres in competitive racing, which means I’m around 94% of the way there! My aim is make the Dubai Marathon in January 2014 the race where I hit that special milestone. However, I still have a lot of hard work ahead to make that happen, starting with the Beyond the Ultimate Mountain Ultra.

“World wide there are over 7 million people with this disease, more than 120,000 people have Parkinson’s in the UK, with 10,000 diagnosed each year, many are under the age of 40 (the youngest was 10 years old), and there is currently no cure. I am sure that, within my lifetime, we will find a cure or treatments, which will change the lives of millions around the world. So while I am able, I am going to run, walk, climb and do anything else in my power to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease and funds to facilitate the much needed research.”

For more information on Alex and 10 Million Metres you can visit To support him in his mission, you can donate at You can also check out his progress by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.


#Frontier #markets #investors reap #rewards

Frontier markets investors reap rewards.

Investors with strong stomachs and an appetite for exotic countries such as Vietnam, Kazakhstan or Tanzania have been rewarded with good news, as frontier markets turned into more robust investment performance than the more established emerging markets.

In the first six months of the year, the MSCI Emerging Markets index fell 4.4%, while the MSCI Frontier Markets index rose 14.3%. Analysts explained that the outperformance is partly attributed to a lower correlation between frontier markets and the MSCI World and the S&P World indices.

In recent weeks, comments by US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke regarding an easing back of the US emergency bond-buying programme made many investors jittery, triggering a sharp exit from equity and bond markets worldwide. However, frontier markets are mostly driven by local investors with a different and often more domestic investment perspective.

Nonetheless, fund managers are still cautious about certain frontier countries, claiming that it may still be early days.

“Myanmar is getting a lot of attention but it is not investable, although we think it will be interesting in the future, like Cambodia and Algeria”, explained Slim Feriani. “The time will come for countries such as Myanmar but we don’t think the risk/return trade-off is there yet. It is the same for Iran and Iraq”, he added.


A letter saying you’ve won free airline tickets? Don’t be fooled!

A letter saying you’ve won free airline tickets? Don’t be fooled!

A scam that has recently been popping up frequently in mailboxes is the classic “you’ve won two airline tickets” con.

Scammers send you a letter saying that you’ve qualified for an award of two roundtrip airline tickets, valid for a trip anywhere in Europe. The letter says that to claim the vouchers, you have to call the number listed.

However, when you do call the number, the person who answers will then start asking you a series of extremely personal questions, in an attempt to steal your financial details and possibly your identity.

To avoid being scammed by a phony ticket win, always keep in mind that:

You should be distrustful of someone telling you you’ve won something if you don’t recall entering any draws in the first place.

Always do research on the company that the tickets purportedly come from.
NEVER give out your personal details to anyone, on the phone or online.
Never agree to pay a deposit up front ‘to release the tickets’. This is another way that scammers make money off unsuspecting victims.
Report any potential scams to the authorities immediately to avoid others getting burnt as well.
If it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.


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