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Where do the wealthiest citizens of New York live?

Great article on the income disbursement in New York .

For example, a neighborhood where the net worth is $500,000 would be represented by a 3D bar graph 5cm high, compared to an area where the net worth is only $50,000, where a bar would be 0.5cm high.

Have a look before

Where do the wealthiest citizens of New York live? Map that shows vast income difference between neighborhoods just yards apart


When an online review becomes an onLIEne review

When an online review becomes an onLIEne review

AUGUST 5, 2013
In an age where most people basically live on the internet, online reviews are an incredibly useful thing to have. You can read the honest opinions of people just like you, who aren’t being paid anything for their thoughts, on anything from movies, to restaurants, to books, to retailers to teachers (yes, really). Then you can judge for yourself whether to give it a go yourself or not.

Of course, the system is not without its flaws. Its greatest pitfall is a lack of accountability. Since the reviewer is comfortably hidden behind a screen and an online ID, they can use and abuse online reviews for fraudulent means, and nobody will be there to ensure the authenticity of their experiences. TripAdvisor saw two of these episodes make headlines this year – ‘Oscar’s’, the divine eatery which turned out to be an empty, dingy alley way, and the glowing hotel reviews (and subsequent slamming of rivals) by Peter Hook – and these were just the ones that got public attention. Thousands such cases go unnoticed every year.

The lack of accountability of online review sites make them a prime breeding ground for malicious slander for firms in all industries, and unfortunately, deVere Group reviews are no exception. Some deVere Group reviews have been extraordinarily negative, utterly scathing, and worst of all, completely false. The anonymity of the internet wipes the writers of any responsibility, allowing them to hash out their personal disgruntlements and perceived slights against a company and doing substantial amounts of damage without being held accountable for them.

With over ten years of experience in the financial advisory services sector and more than 70,000 clients all over the world, a few libellous deVere Group reviews aren’t going to impede our sleep at night. But in an age where everyone can post about their experiences – real or fake – perhaps the best review is your own experience.

Read what deVere Group CEO Nigel Green had to say about malicious online reviews here.


Tips From Millionaires

In my job as a Financial Consultant my job is very simple ,

•make money for clients
•preserve money for clients .

All my clients meets with their “team of expert ” regularly Why ? As they want to ensure the money being made !

This was an interesting article I read and it has all the points in there .


Tony Evans

Article here –

Tips From Millionaires


The 10 Differences Between Baby Boomers And Generation-Y When It Comes To Money

Interesting how big difference is ,
I see this daily with clients ,

Article below ,

Tony Evans

Almost all of us are guilty of being envious. We see that someone else has something and automatically want it. Our values change for a split moment, as our minds are wrapped around this fixation. We do a little research and discover that the something we want is only a couple hundred. We decide, “Eh, it’s just a couple hundred.” The keyword ‘just’ is the problem when it comes to money spending habits of Generation-Y. This has become a developing problem for our generation that we all engage in, yet don’t notice it

The 10 Differences Between Baby Boomers And Generation-Y When It Comes To Money


Want to keep cool? Lick your wrists and eat a curry: The unlikely tips and gadgets to help you beat the heat

Had to share his , full article on the link below ,

Want to keep cool? Lick your wrists and eat a curry: The unlikely tips and gadgets to help you beat the heat

What can you and your family do to stay cool during the heatwave? CHARLOTTE KEMP presents some surprisingly helpful tactics— and hot new technology.

1. Hot in bed and finding it hard to sleep?

A lightweight silk sheet will help. While pure silk is expensive, it is a breathable fabric, so is worth the price tag. It also has natural hypoallergenic properties, making it an excellent choice for those irritated by the heat.

But don’t worry if you can’t stretch to silk. A light sprinkle of talc on a cotton sheet can help soak up sweat, keeping you chilled all through the night.

2. Ever noticed monkeys licking their wrists? It’s their way of bringing down body temperature.
The same principle applies for humans — but it might be easier just to hold your wrists under cold water for ten seconds. This will reduce your body temperature for at least an hour.
Also blitz other hot spots — the back of your neck, knees and feet — with a cool, damp flannel. Keep the flannel in the freezer and apply whenever you start to feel warm.

3. Choose your fashion accessories carefully in hot weather. A heavy metal necklace will soak up heat that your body will then absorb.

A hot curry or chilli increases body perspiration, which in turn cools the body as it evaporates

4. DON’T avoid curries! Eating spicy foods can actually cool you down. A hot curry or chilli increases body perspiration, which in turn cools the body as it evaporates.

5. Managed to buy an electric fan before they sold out? Good for you. But do you know where to place it for maximum cooling?
As heat rises, the coolest air is at floor level, so put your fan on the floor and point it upwards. To speed up this process, you could also place a bowl of icy water on a small table in front of the fan, so the air blows across it.

6. Keep body lotions, moisturisers and foot salves in the fridge — they’ll feel refreshingly cold when applied after a shower.

7. Got a hot dog? Consider changing its bedding. Synthetic dog beds retain the animal’s body heat, making them even hotter. Consider allowing your dog to lie on tile or concrete floors instead or give them a wet towel to rest on.
If your dog becomes uncomfortably warm, cool its tummy with a cold water bath. Cool Coats for dogs, that you immerse in water before putting on your pooch, can also help (£20.99, Prestige Pet Products).

8. Have you left the TV or Sky box on standby? A surprising amount of heat is generated from appliances around the house, so switch them off when they are not in use.

9. Warm air rises, so if you are really hot in bed, sleep on a mattress on the floor. Also avoid sleeping in a loft room if you can, and instead sleep on the lower floors.

10. Forget ice-cream — cool down with a bowl of yoghurt instead. It has a far higher water content — around 85 per cent — providing instant cool.For an even chillier end to your meal, try a slice of fruit with a high water content, such as melon or pineapple.

11. Eat smaller meals. Over-eating leads to a rise in body temperature.

12. Don’t ditch your socks completely. Speed One socks, favoured by athletes, are made from a special synthetic fabric that draws moisture away from the skin to keep feet cool and comfortable (£10.79,

For an even chillier end to your meal, try a slice of fruit with a high water content, such as melon or pineapple.
13. You needn’t swelter in a suit at work. There is a cool option, thanks to the clever people at Marks & Spencer, who have taken pity on sweaty City slickers.
Made of a lightweight wool-blend, the Superlite suit has a thinner material across the chest plus an anti-odour technology imbedded in the fabric (£224,
14. A daily vitamin can combat sunburn from the inside out. Research suggests that taking a daily dose of the antioxidants vitamin C and E can help prevent UV light- induced inflammation and damage to the skin.

Stinging nettles are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium, which combat water retention and poor circulation, helping your body to effectively flush away excess fluids

15. Have the children eaten all the ice lollies? Don’t worry — the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker ( can freeze a lolly made from fresh ingredients from start to finish in an astonishing seven to nine minutes. At £37, it’s not cheap — but if it keeps youngsters quiet…

16. You’re also probably fed up of applying sun lotion to wriggly, grumbly children.
Thank heavens, then, for Sunuva, a range of stylish, breathable, UVA swimwear that protects a child’s skin from burning without the need for excessive sun cream because they leave less skin uncovered than normal. Just apply sun lotion to exposed areas (from £28,

17. Ever thought a nettle could keep you cool? Many people will suffer from fluid retention in extreme heat, which makes them even hotter and more uncomfortable.
Stinging nettles are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium, which combat water retention and poor circulation, helping your body to effectively flush away excess fluids. Try stewing stinging nettle tips to make an excellent soup or tea.

18. HOT and flustered at your desk? Try the Mathmos Stay Cool USB fan. Just plug it into a desktop or lap top and it will produce a welcome light breeze (£12, John Lewis).


India joins Brazil and China in tightening access to cash

When the BRIC wall starts to how one cracks .

India joins Brazil and China in tightening access to cash.

India joins Brazil and China in tightening access to cash

In response to seeing its currency plunge to a record low, India has stepped up efforts to tighten liquidity by raising two interest rates – a move shadowed in most of the larger emerging market economies.

Central bank Governor Duvvuri Subbarao announced the decision yesterday after he had cancelled a speech earlier in the day to meet the Finance Minister. The Reserve Bank of India thus raised two rates by 2 percentage points and plans to drain 120 billion rupees ($2 billion) through open market sales of government bonds.

JPMorgan Analysts explained how the importance of this move is that it signals that the RBI is willing to act and make it much more costly to short the rupee.

On the other hand, Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram assured today that these measures in no way affect the Government’s commitment to growth. Instead, the ‘measures are taken to quell excessive speculation and reduce volatility and stabilize the rupee’, he said.

Notably, the RBI’s move leaves Russia as the only BRIC economy to not have reined in funds in its financial system.

Meanwhile, India’s economy expanded 5% in the fiscal year that ended in March. Despite the positive figures when compared to minimal growth in the developed world, this marked the slowest since 2003, on the back of moderating investment, easing domestic demand and subdued exports.


Largest tax payer in HK ? A Bank,Law firm, The sport of kings

Sat at my desk at 5:30am this morning and Bloomberg was on , I heard an staggering fact that the Hong Kong Jockey club is the largest tax payer ! It contributes 11.7% of Hong Kong’s tax revenue. Surpluses from its operation are allocated to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.
The largest private donor of charity funds, contributing huge amount and one of the largest donors on the planet .
Bets this year at the club his a staggering $1billion a month !!

Good for the economy and for charity .

I thought it would be HSBC or another financial institution !

Tony Evans

Hong Kong Horse Bets Hit Record.



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