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On the meter: Taking a taxi in Greece and Japan

Great video on taking a taxi in both city’s .

BBC On the meter: Taking a taxi in Greece and Japan


Tokyo could learn from Nazi Germany – Deputy PM Aso

Seriously !
Had share this and this guy is totally crazy.

He should not be allowed to speak !

Japan Today -Aso retracts Nazi remarks


Japan Times -Aso’s Nazi-inspired quip rubs Seoul the wrong way

Japanese Shares Rebound on Yen & Jobless numbers

Japanese Shares Rebound on Yen weakening for the first time in over 4 days ! What a relief as I was looking at the rate and seeing 97 a good possibility .

Why the change ?

Japanese jobless rate dropped , which is a good indication that that Prime Minister Abe & BOJ Governor Kuroda Abenomics and monetary easing is working .

Yesterday Governor Kuroda gave a positive assessment of the effects of the stimulus the central bank rolled out in April, saying the economy is on track to exit 15 years of declining prices.

But in the current market it can turn in a second and we can loose 100/200 points , all now waits ok the FED meeting.

Buy Stocks on the Rumor, Sell on the News

Seams the only way to making money in this market conventionally .

Tony Evans


Japan subsidises political party by ¥31.5 billion/$315m a year !

I was reading a article in the Japan Times “LDP to receive 3.5% more in state subsidies after election victory” and was gob smacked in the amount the state subsidises the political party to the tune of ¥31.5 billion/$315m a year .They are divided up based on the number of lawmakers belonging to each party and the ratio of votes garnered in general elections.

That’s nearly 250¥/ $2.50 for every man woman and child in Japan !!!

That’s scary and such a huge waste of money .

Not sure what you think .


Japanese Husband Salaries & the wives who control them !

Interesting article on how money relationship in Japanese marriage !
Article below .

The World of Japanese Husband Salaries


PM Abe looks to win 60% of seats : Nikkei and Yen will have ride tomorrow !

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has won a majority in the upper house, exit polls suggest , as polls closed at 8pm on Sunday .

His Liberal Democratic Party and its junior partner New Komeito were set to get at least 71 of the 121 seats .
Not sure if this is correct but this is what’s on tV NHK projected.

This would be a huge boost for Abe and his “Abenomics ” would give him control of both houses of parliament for the first time in six years! I said begging the year Abe was placing his Generals in place to declare war on deflation , this is the last piece .

Watch the market tomorrow I see 3% up and yen weaker

It’s going to be a fantastic week

Lets lock and load .

Tony Evans


Japan goes to the polls – What will this mean for the Japan / Yen ?

Today is a day when history could
be made in Japan , when the PM will have the means and also the popularity to do the necessary changes to the country .
As someone who has been in Japan for over 8 years this is very exciting as this could in my opinion see the the country go through another boom economically wise .

Public opinion polls indicate that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling bloc will win. public option polls show a 60% approval rating for the PM , the highest in any industrialised nation . A victory would give Mr. Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party and the junior partner New Komeito control of both houses of parliament.At stake are 121 seats, half of the upper house seats.

Control of both chambers will remove political obstacles to Abe’s agenda or as the commonly known as ” Abenomics policy ” a sort of Thatcherisim in Japan .

Supporters see that this will give him him free reign to force unpopular changes on Japan’s long under-performing economy.
A key point is to reform of the labour market to make it easier for firms to hire and fire workers, participation in a huge free trade pact and a rise in consumption tax, which economists say will help to slow the pace of growth in the already sky-high national debt.

This is his 3 arrow of Abenomics policy to make Japan grow once again.
We already seen the Bank of Japan flood the market with cheap money , today’s win for the PM could see the value of the Yen weakening even further .

Lets see how this goes , All I can say its not boring.

Tony Evans
Tokyo , 21st July 2013
Tokyo American Club

Bloomberg Coverage


Nikkei loses -2.5% in seconds or rumours !

Nikkei was hit by as much as -400 points in late morning trading .

Morning session closed at : 14,682.32 126.18(0.85%)

As there was a rumour that after the elections the sales tax would increase dramatically .

Watch the space as the weekend everything is to play for .


Great buying opportunity and that’s what I did



Tony Evans

Most expensive one-bedroom apartment In The world !

Not surprised the most expensive apartment for sale is in Tokyo

Wow !
Not to shabby at all !

Link below
Most expensive one-bedroom apartment


Caroline Kennedy poised for Japan Ambassador position

Had to re blog the below from the Washington Post .

Caroline Kennedy poised for Japan

The finishing touches are being applied to the long-anticipated formal announcement that Caroline Kennedy will be the next U.S. ambassador to Japan.

Word is that the administration has formally asked — and Japan is expected to agree — to accept her as the U.S. envoy — a move that comes in the last stages of the lengthy nomination process.

Kennedy’s strong support for President Obama was seen as crucial in his 2008 battle with Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

An official White House announcement, which is probably forthcoming shortly, is expected to thrill the Japanese public, which likes their American ambassadors to be superstars — although older men have been the norm. Kennedy’s predecessors include luminaries such as Senate majority leader Mike Mansfield, former vice president Walter Mondale, former House speaker Tom Foley and former Senate majority leader Howard Baker.

Word of this latest step was first reported late Friday by the Nelson Report and then this morning by the Japanese press.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly said that Japan has given its formal diplomatic agreement to accept Caroline Kennedy as the U.S. envoy. It is expected to agree but has not yet done so.


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