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BOJ Leaves Policy Unchanged

Bank of Japan maintained its unprecedented monetary easing. Signs of strength in the economy and price gains point to progress in its effort to end 15 years of deflation! The end is is near ? Or is it ?

The BOJ will expand the monetary base at an annual pace of 60 trillion yen ($602 billion) to 70 trillion yen, it said in a statement in Tokyo today. That’s nearly the same as the GDP of Turkey !

-Consumer prices climbed the most in five years in July

BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda indicated after last month’s policy board meeting that a delay in raising the sales tax could undermine confidence in Japan’s fiscal sustainability and lead to higher government bond yields.
The central bank committed in April to double the monetary base through purchases of government bonds and other financial assets, aiming to generate 2 percent inflation within about two years.

Now lets see if we win the Olympics .


Oil, gold hit multi-month peak

Oil, gold hit multi-month peak.

The prices of oil and gold have been pushed to multi-month highs over concerns that the US will lead a military strike against the Syrian government.

Brent crude prices advanced 2.4% to a six-month high of $117.14 a barrel, extending Tuesday’s 3.3% surge – the biggest one-day percentage gain in nearly 10 months.

Gold climbed 0.8% to a more than three-month high after also gaining 0.8% on Tuesday.

But while the prices of oil and gold rose to their highest in several months, Asian equities fell to a seven-week low. An acute ‘risk-off’ mode also boosted the appeal of the Japanese yen, which held near a one-week high against the dollar and euro after having posted its biggest rally in more than two months.

Tokyo’s Nikkei share average sagged as much as 2.6% to a two-month low, while the yen was largely steady at 97.120 to the dollar and 129.90 to the euro after climbing more than 1% overnight.

US and European stocks were also impacted overnight, suffering their worst day since June. Investor nervousness was reflected in a nearly 12 percent jump on the CBOE volatility index, Wall Street’s so-called fear gauge, to a two-month high.


Japan government says end of deflation near

Japan government says end of deflation near.

According to the Japanese government, the country is getting closer to the end of deflation. It offered the most confident view on prices in almost four years, on the back of a steady pick up in the economy.

The government also changed its assessment on the job market to say it is “improving,” as falls in the yen set off by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s policies boosted manufacturers’ profits and sent the jobless levels down to pre-Lehman levels.

“Recent price developments indicate that deflation is ending,” the government said in a monthly economic report for August, offering a brighter view than last month when it said deflationary pressures were easing.

However, a government official who briefed journalists on the report said that it was too early to say that Japan had made a sustained exit from deflation. Doing so would require more lasting rises in consumer prices, he said.
Japanese consumer prices rose in June for the first time in more than a year, although most of the increase was due to higher electricity bills rather than stronger demand that could drive a durable recovery.

The government has described the Japanese economy as in deflation since November 2009. Removing the word “deflation” from the report, or declaring that deflation is over, would signal an important success in its battle with price declines.


A Japanese Debt Crisis Nears

An interesting article on the state of japan and what could happen if sales tax increase

I just posted how japan debt has reached 1 quadrillion yen .
Japan’s National Debt Hits A Quadrillion Yen 1,008,600,000,000,000

A top read below .

Japanese Crisis Nears



Mercer has released its annual rankings of 214 cities based on their cost of living for expatriates. Relying on surveys that compare over 200 items in each city, it is the world’s most comprehensive report of its kind. It helps multinational companies and governments set compensation for their expatriate employees.


1 Luanda, Angola
2 Moscow, Russia
3 Tokyo, Japan
4 N’Djamena, Chad
5 Singapore, Singapore
6 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
7 Geneva, Switzerland
8 Zurich, Switzerland
9 Bern, Switzerland
9 Sydney, Australia

You Tube video on rankings


Sony turns down Loeb offer to sell off entertainment arm

Sony turns down Loeb offer to sell off entertainment arm.

Sony turned down a proposal by one of its biggest shareholders, hedge fund Third Point, to sell off part of its entertainment division.

The founder of the fund Daniel Loeb had called for cash from the move to be used to boost Sony’s electronics arm.
However, Sony said that the company and its shareholders would benefit from “owning all, rather than a part” of the division as demand for entertainment content increased in value across different platforms.

After Loeb’s proposal was rejected, Sony’s shares fell as much as 5%.
Mr Loeb’s fund, which owns nearly 7% of Sony’s shares, said that it would continue to carry out dialogue with Sony’s management and explore further options with the company.

Earlier this month, Sony reported a jump in earnings for the April-to-June quarter. It made a net profit of 3.5bn yen ($35m; £23m) in the quarter, reversing a loss of 24.6bn yen last year. Its Pictures division made a profit of 3.7bn yen during the period, reversing a loss of 4.9bn yen last year, while its music unit saw its operating profit rise to 10.8bn yen, from 7.3bn yen a year earlier.


On the meter: Taking a taxi in Greece and Japan

Great video on taking a taxi in both city’s .

BBC On the meter: Taking a taxi in Greece and Japan


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