You only live once false you live everyday. you only die once.

you only live once false you live everyday. you only die once , I was thinking how true is that . Carpe diem


Re blogged -Nigel Green Blog -Structured Notes Continue to Pay Dividends

I was so happy to send this news to my clients today !

Nigel Green Blog -Structured Notes Continue to Pay Dividends

Structured notes continue to pay dividends for deVere Group clients. Today the 7th and 8th note of year are about to cash. The 7th note from RBS is returning clients 17.5% in dollar terms, 15% in sterling terms after only 12 months. The 8th note from Morgan Stanley is returning clients 16.75% in dollars,

Auto callable notes such as RBS 25 (above) are 5 year notes that call after 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 years and finally 5 years if the markets invested in are level or above their starting point. As an example the indexes RBS 25 invested in are listed below.

Underlying Ticker Initial Strike Initial Strike Level Current Level
Hang Seng HSI 09 Mar 12 21086 22771
S&P 500 SPX 1370.87 1543
Eurostoxx 50SX5E 2515.95 2689

As you can see all three indexes are above there starting point so this note will cash in after only one year year giving clients a return of 17.5%. Structured notes offer in my opinion excellent value in the current markets.

As a company deVere constantly seek out the best structured notes for our clients.

Nigel Green deVere Group

Falklands referendum: Voters say YES to remain UK territory

I was pleased to here this morning that the people of the Falkland Islands have voted to remain UK territory , out of 1,517 vote cast 1,513 voted yes .

Hopefully this will keep Argentina happy which have whipped up the tension 30 years on since the War . Islanders had “very, very clearly said they wish to remain as a British overseas territory with those rights.

Democracy at work , thats is the real winner today.


Good Things Come To Those Who Work Their Asses Off And Never Give Up – Inspirational Quote

Good Things Come To Those Who Work Their Asses Off And Never Give Up


Deepening pensions crisis leaves UK firms thinking What can we do ?

I just read an interesting article by JLT Pension Capital Strategies which show the total deficit of FTSE 100 defined benefit pension schemes has increased by two thirds in the past year! Yes I did say that 66%!
Middle of last year the deficit stood at around £33billion now £55billion.

Looking at the FTSE 100 companies there is 11 companies with pension liabilities greater than the market capitation!!

The blue chip company are trying their best to plug the hole but it looking like throwing good money after bad. They have started looking at alternative investment like international investment and property , but there is quick fix .

My personal view there’s no quick fix for this, the future is not looking any bette!

Re blogging -Nigel Green Blog -HSBC cut pensions despite huge profit

The below is comments from deVere CEO Nigel Green blog which I have copied , a link to the article is also below .

It’s very interesting , anyone who thinks these scheme are guarantee are mistaken, a guarantee is only as good as the person guarantee it.

Nigel Green Blog -HSBC cut pensions despite huge profit ( link to blog and article )

HSBC bank bosses yesterday posted profits today of £13.7 billion – at the same time as launching an attack on their workers’ pension scheme.

The bank’s chiefs plan to close down HSBC’s final-salary pension scheme in an effort to boost their huge profits even further.

They announced the decision to close the pension scheme to “future accrual” – the build-up in value of pensions – effectively freezing the scheme. It condemns future retirees to struggle financially and potential poverty after a lifetime’s work.

HSBC bosses said that shutting the scheme, combined with cutting holidays and sick pay, would save the bank £46 million a year.

Ex HSBC employees may well decide, that if HSBC aren’t committed to the pension, they may well be better off transferring existing benefits.

Companies are increasingly scrapping private-salary schemes to save money. The reality is whether employees like it or not, they we are all have to plan and take responsibility for our own pensions.

Individuals can’t rely on company schemes or the government in today’s world.

Nigel Green deVere Group

“Out of the ashes arose a great Phoenix “- What I can see 2 years on in Japan

“Out of the ashes arose a great Phoenix “- What I can see in Japan 2 years on, keep it up.


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