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Qualities That Can Make Or Break You

Qualities That Can Make Or Break You

Life is all about how you perceive things and the way you perceive things is contingent upon your attitude. There are a multitude of attributes that will help you prosper in life, but these characteristics need to be displayed in the proper manner. The key is self-awareness. Consider the current situation you are in and gauge the proper behavior for those circumstances. Look at the people around you and adjust your behavior accordingly.

Below are a list of the traits that can make or break you in life, depending on how you use them, that is:


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Abanomics increases confidence in large manufacturing

Japanese stock futures with the yen weakened . Tankan
survey showed positive manufacturers’ confidence for the first
time in seven quarters . Estimated at 3 but came in at 4 .

Japan Manufacturing going from strength to strength . Abenomics seams to getting movement .Japan gain will mean there will be a looser and my opinion they will be China ,South Korea .

The numbers are out today in China . With liquidity issues Things are not looking positive in China .

With President Xi Jinping now moving focus from growth to other indicator in ‘growth’ in China .

Lets see what the numbers come out ,

Tony Evans


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