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deVere confirms acquisition of Gulf-based advisory firm, Acuma

Nigel Green : CEO devere Group Blog on announcement

deVere confirms acquisition of Gulf-based advisory firm, Acuma

News ;

(Update) DeVere buys Gulf-based advisory firm Acuma


Pound falls to 5 week low ahead of BOE decision

Pound falls to 5 week low ahead of BOE decision.

Sterling weakened to a five-week low against the US Dollar on Thursday, before Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s first policy decision.

The Pound also fell against all but one of its 16 major counterparts.

Meanwhile, the UK central bank is expected release a statement, a move that typically represents a change in policy.

However, according to a survey of Economists, the nine-member Monetary Policy Committee will keep its quantitative easing target and the benchmark interest rate unchanged.

Therefore, Senior Currency Strategist Paul Robson believes that the statement will break tradition, “We’re not expecting Sterling to react poorly to the fact that we get a statement. The data point to the economy growing, so it’s quite hard for them to justify anything too dovish at this point”.

The Pound fell 0.2% to $1.5249 this morning, after it dropped to $1.5130 yesterday, the lowest since May 30.

At the time of writing, £1 buys $1.525. If you wish to have a more detailed currency outlook or to find out how economic and political news could affect your currency transfers, speak to a deVere FX Manager today.


Join us! We’re recruiting in #Tokyo – Click to find out more – #Jobs #Job #Career #Careers #deVere #Japan

Join us! We’re recruiting in #Tokyo – Click to find out more – #Jobs #Job #Career #Careers #deVere #Japan

Have you always dreamed of living and working in Tokyo? Then this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for!  deVere Group is recruiting in Japan.

deVere Group is the world’s largest independent international financial advisory firm with more than 70 offices worldwide and a client base of over 70,000 in 100 different countries.
We are looking for highly motivated, driven sales professionals to join our winning team in Tokyo.

Tokyo is the world’s largest metropolitan economy, and is at the helm of the lively economic revival led by Premier Shinzo Abe.

If you’re a young graduate looking to start a career in financial services, Tokyo is an ideal place to work.   Japan’s immigration policy is simple, making the acquisition of a yearlong work visa for 18 to 30 year olds an easy process.
All deVere recruits are trained to gain industry standard qualifications with CISI.

Hong Kong House price to drop 25%

Through the last 10 years we have seen that bricks and mortar aren’t as safe as houses as people believe . People buy property for 3 reason , to live , as investment or to run a business .

Most people that buy as a investment have the illusion property will continue to go up in prices but sadly this is never the case. As we saw in the great crash of 2007/8 this was all based on people not been able to pay the mortgage . During that time what as apparent is people forgot the basic rules of finance, what you borrow you must pay back & something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it .

Tony Evasn

deVere Group Hong Kong home prices to drop 25%.

Hong Kong home prices to drop 25%

According to an analyst report, Hong Kong home prices are expected to drop as much as 25%, on the back of government measures to curb an asset bubble and as banks raised their mortgage rates.

In the week that ended on April 14, an index that tracks home prices dropped the most in almost three years after the government introduced its toughest measures yet to cool prices in February. Analysts led by Kenneth Tsang wrote in a report today that consequently, the number of new apartment sales will remain largely subdued as developers shift their focus to cheaper and smaller units to boost sales.

Moreover, Deutsche Bank AG said in a report last month that house price in Hong Kong Prices could fall as much as 20% over the next two years.

It has been said that Cheung Kong Holdings, which lowered prices by almost 10% last month, may introduce even more price cuts to boost sales.

As a result of the expected drop in home prices, analysts assigned an underweight rating to Hong Kong developers and are advising investors to sell Henderson Land Development Co. because of its strong competition.

“Abenomics ” the winners & loosers

for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction

Newton said that in 1687 and I can say that that is true today of the effect of “Abenomics” .Don’t get me wrong it’s exactly what Japan needs to kick start its economy but this will effect Japan’s biggest and also faster growing demography the “retired or silver saver as they known here ”

To understand this you need to understand inflation & deflation :
•inflation – increase in prices ( money has less purchasing power”
•deflation -prices fall ( money has more purchasing power )

So in a deflation environment which Japan has been for in the last 20 years “cash was king ” elderly saw their income power increase every year , with Abenomics this would end and this purchasing power would fall . The retired in Japan have assets in excess of $7 trillion ( that’s nearly as much as the GDP of UK ,Germany & half of France !)

The winners will be the stock market , forex and in the Japan Economy .The losers will the retires and people on fixed income ,

Personally I hope Abenomics will succeed Japan needs it, but it all comes down the “silver savers” will they allow it?

No one is bigger than the market forces , but the silver savers is quiet a force,


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