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The deVere Group announces a new Partnership with Real Estate Advisory, IP Global

The deVere Group announces a new Partnership with Real Estate Advisory, IP Global.

The deVere Group announces a new Partnership with Real Estate Advisory, IP Global

IP Global to provide expert real estate advisory to deVere Group’s investors worldwide.

IP Global, the full service real estate investment company, and deVere Group, the world’s largest independent international financial consultancy, have announced a landmark global partnership. The tie-up between two industry-leaders will see IP Global provide real estate investment services and advisory to up to 70,000 of deVere’s high net worth clients around the world.

The agreement is a first in the financial consultancy sector and comes at a time of growing investor interest in real estate investment. The deVere Group operates in 70 offices around the world, and the new partnership will provide deVere’s clients, who currently have US$9 billion of funds under management, with access to strategic property investments in high-value real estate markets for the first time.

The new partnership will expand IP Global’s international reach by giving the company a platform to offer its end-to-end real estate investment service in a variety of new markets.

Tim Murphy, CEO, IP Global, said: “We are delighted that IP Global will be providing property investments for the deVere Group. Our team of experts ensure we deliver the high standards and satisfactory returns our clients expect, plus our end-to-end service to manage all aspects of the investment process. This will complement deVere Group’s existing investment offering and open up this high-potential investment sector for its clients.

With over US$1 billion invested alongside our clients in 19 markets throughout the world since 2005 and over GBP 100 million invested in London this year alone, this partnership will further enhance IP Global’s offerings to investors globally. This is a testament to the expertise and reputation IP Global has developed for providing credible, independent real estate investment advice.”

Nigel Green, chief executive of the deVere Group, said: “We have seen growing demand from our clients around the world for real estate investment services and products, and this partnership will help them develop their wealth portfolios further, with access to expert advice and support from a leading real estate investment company”. “We have been consistently impressed by the knowledge and service delivered by IP Global, and we look forward to expanding together as a result of this partnership.”

The IP Global model supports the needs of IFAs’ wealth management clients by offering property as a key asset class and managing the end-to-end investment process. The company will continue to work with a range of IFA partners around the world to identify the right real estate investment solutions for their clients.

IP Global aims to provide investors with an increasing range of property investment opportunities and will expand its teams and operations to support the growth generated by the partnership with deVere Group.

About IP Global Ltd
IP Global is a property investment company that researches and sources prime investment opportunities in high-value markets and invests alongside its clients, sharing the same risk and rewards. It supports investors throughout the purchase, ownership, leasing and resale of their property investment, including financing and legal assistance, providing a uniquely unified, end-to-end service. Established in Hong Kong in 2005 and with a worldwide presence through offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, China, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and London, IP Global provides unique property investment opportunities for its multimarket client base. It has successfully invested in more than 19 markets globally, with total assets under management exceeding USD1 billion.

About deVere Group

The deVere Group is the World’s Largest Independent International Financial Consultancy. International investors and expatriates employ us to find financial services products that suit their medium to long term requirements for investments, savings and pensions. With in excess of US$9 billion of funds under administration and management, deVere has more than 70,000 clients in over 100 countries. Our independence and ability to offer financial products that are tailor-made to fit an individual’s needs are behind our success.


Warning: Final Salary Schemes’ Deficit Grows « BCCJ Acumen

This is a new article I just published in the British Chamber of Commerce Japan on the pension crisis in the UK .

Warning: Final Salary Schemes’ Deficit Grows « BCCJ Acumen – The Magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

The first article was :
UK Firm Pensions: Is the End Nigh

If you like more info please don’t hesitate to contact me .

Tony Evans


7,000 mineworkers retirement takes HUGE HIT ! British Coal Pension enters PPF , Who’s Next ?

I wrote an article for the British Chamber of Commerce Japan Magazine in March saying that there will be more and more pension schemes going into the PPF Article here , today British Coal went into the scheme.

The retirement income of 7,000 mineworkers at UK Coal, Britain’s largest coal mining business, took a hit on Tuesday . Why you ask ? as the pit operating group responsible for repairing the pension deficit of at least £450m sank into a long-anticipated administration.

The PPF—a statutory fund run by a statutory corporation—has neither government guarantees nor funding. The fund’s objective—to pay compensation to defined benefit (DB) pension scheme members when their employers go bust and cannot afford to pay what they promised—is to be commended. PPF has taken over responsibility for partially honouring the pension promises made by UK Coal before it went into administration .

Looking at the figures the PPF is looking like it will be taking on a deficit of £500m ! Making it the largest ever deficit to enter the scheme dwarfing the Nortel deficit which was £333m in 2009 .

I believe there are other schemes that are on the edge of entering the PPF scheme , What this means ? Simple the income you thought you were going to have from your pension will not be that !

Because of this I have created a list of my top 10 pension schemes who is on my watch list , Many of them are in the FTSE 100 .

Tony Evans

Abanomics increases confidence in large manufacturing

Japanese stock futures with the yen weakened . Tankan
survey showed positive manufacturers’ confidence for the first
time in seven quarters . Estimated at 3 but came in at 4 .

Japan Manufacturing going from strength to strength . Abenomics seams to getting movement .Japan gain will mean there will be a looser and my opinion they will be China ,South Korea .

The numbers are out today in China . With liquidity issues Things are not looking positive in China .

With President Xi Jinping now moving focus from growth to other indicator in ‘growth’ in China .

Lets see what the numbers come out ,

Tony Evans


Japan exports improve most since 2010 over 10%

We seeing Abenomics arrow 1 & 2 having a huge effect on the exports.
That’s one full quarter of improving result , showing that the market is going right way .

Lets hope this continues .the big test will be the up and coming election , if Abe wins then we can see some proper structural changes , if he gets 2/3 majority we can see some constitutional changes !

The third arrow missed the target the first time hope his next aim is better

Japan exports improve most since 2010.

It has been three years since Japan enjoyed this level of exportation. In May, shipments shot up 10.1% from the previous year, marking the third consecutive month of improvement.

Shipment exports picked up in key markets such as the US, rising 16.3% from a year earlier, whilst shipments to China increased 8.3%.

A weaker Yen boosted exporters’ business in May, as it made Japanese goods cheaper overseas, thus increasing profits in an industry that Japan largely depends on.

Such positive date therefore boosts Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to revive the economy.

Morgan Stanley Analyst Shuji Tonouchi explained that the breakdown shows that export volumes are still a little weak, but demand from the United States is ‘doing well’. Overall, he added, “We can certainly say that exports are headed in the right direction”.

On the other hand, imports also rose by 10% in May from a year ago and therefore, the trade balance came to a deficit of 993.9bn yen. This marks the 11th straight month that Japan has posted a deficit, as energy import costs continue to be high after nuclear plants were shut down.


UK pension rises are at risk – Webb

UK pension rises are at risk – Webb.

Pensions minister Steve Webb said that nobody could guarantee the survival of the ‘triple lock’ system after the next general election.

The triple lock system, which ensures that sure the basic state pension will always rise according to the highest of average earnings, inflation, or 2.5%, has so far kept pensions on an upwards path. It has so far been key to maintaining the ‘grey vote’.

But Webb’s comments are the latest in the fiery debate in Parliament over whether the advantages offered to pensioners can be sustained.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Webb said that in 2015, each party would say what it would do about the triple lock. He said he was personally in favour of keeping it, but that the issue would have to be discussed as a party.
Benefits for high income pensioners are also set to be trimmed down.

Webb said that in light of an increasing generation gap in intergenerational equity, it was unfair to expect “our children and grandchildren [to just do] more and more.”

UK Firm Pensions: Is the End Nigh? « BCCJ Acumen – The Magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan

UK Firm Pensions: Is the End Nigh? « BCCJ Acumen – The Magazine of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

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