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Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night IV – Elizabeth Taylor

Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night IV – “Fists of Fury”


Elizabeth Taylor
Age: 41
Assessment day weight: 58.8
Nationality: British
Occupation: Virgin Atlantic Airways Retired inflight service manager and now mother of 3 wonderful little boys, wife of Virgin Atlantic Country Manager of Japan.

A 4 year old patient at Kanagawa Children’s Medical Center cheers Elizabeth on with their drawing. Fighters are fighting to make sure our Facility Dog Program is with patients and families every step of the way. Join the fighters in encouraging the kids in hospitals to keep fighting, to keep shining on! Pledge now!

All the little children and their families are so very brave. As a mum with three young boys, seeing them in hospital and fighting for their lives really gets to my heart and it’s truly a great honour to be able to help raise money for such an amazing charity “Shine On! Kids” I would also like to thank all the children for their awesome pictures they made and especially for my personal one which is truly amazing…. Thank you xxx Love Elizabeth Taylor x

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