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Greed & Fear – Thats all the Nikkei movements are this year !!

The last 5 months we have seen a BOOM in Japanese Equity and such sexy returns . Everyone forgot that things go up that fast they can go down the same way !

Yesterday erased $314 billion from the country’s
share value, amid optimism growth in company earnings and the
economy are intact

Yesterday the fear factor kicking in and it was ugly times ugly .

My view of investing is very very simple ,the market moves on :

Greed , Fear and black swans

I can see the Nikkei going much higher , 20/25 ,000 as a decent figure .

Stick to the fundamentals , yesterday was the perfect buying opportunity and yes I did , I filled my boots up and know I am out , profit is only profit when it’s in your pocket .

Buffett :

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful

Happy Friday

Tony Evans

Nikkei Hits 5.5 year high – Greed & Fear all in one trading day .

Nikkei Stock Average rising 100.88 points, or 0.67%, to end the day at 15,138.12, its highest close since December 2007.

Profit taking and a lot fear saw Nikkei at negative territory in morning session but after lunch market saw the opportunity to buy back in on great news and also the government plan.

What a great week in Tokyo.

Lets lock and load.

Tony Evans


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