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Why No good can come from FOMO As An Investment Strategy

What is Fear of Mission Out or “FOMO” ? Simply it’s a term used to describe the anxiety ( fear / greed as we described ) we experience when we see that other people are making money and we feel left out .

Social Media

Over the years Social media has become a major catalyst for FOMO. This is with everything in life but When you see updates on Facebook , Twitter Instagram etc it becomes more real and highlighting the incredible returns / profit that is being made by friends . Even if we want to feel happy that they enjoying great success however the other sids of our brain also asks us the “I” feeling knowing that we are not having that profit .

With this kind of situation people are easily diverted into situations where they follow do what so called experts say and loose out .

I use two principles personally and with my clients:

Principle 1 :You work hard for your money, you don’t want to put it in crazy situation. I always say you should do your research, talk to a financial expert and fully understand what you are investing your money in. If you “invest” your money into something you don’t understand it’s be. A big problem and our emotion greed and fear will create havoc with us .

Principle 2 : making money boils down to this in cryptocurrency is determined by the price you buy and the price you sell . What’s your exit strategy for that investment .

So please do your research and/or talk to a financial professional before start investing any questions please send them over

Prioritise what motivates you

I am not the biggest reader but I make a point of reading a business or motivation book monthly. What I found out and picked up a few tips from highly accomplished people like Richard Branson , Warren Buffet , Bill Gates etc , and there is a few things that these Entreprenuer do the same . Here are is one key strategies that a minority of them us .

Prioritise what motivates and give energy to-you:

We all would love to though to be able to take recharging weekend trips, that’s not realistic. However there are plenty of ways to take a break from your weekday routine that don’t involve hopping on a plane, boat or ship 😉 . This could involve everything from having a leisurely Saturday morning breakfast, to sitting reading book , having a drink with friends , there are many ways to relax .

Bill Gates likes to and down on his weekends. “Playing bridge is a pretty old-fashioned thing in a way that I really like,” he said in a Reddit AM session in 2014. “I was watching my daughter ride horses this weekend and that is also a bit old fashioned but fun. I do the dishes every night — other people volunteer, but I like the way I do it.”

Richard Branson takes a slightly more active approach: We read this in The Telegraph that he prefers to spend his Sundays doing more physical things, like paddleboarding, boat racing, and rock jumping.

When you around people for nearly 16+ hours a day , spending time also is something I do really enjoy spending time alone . This can be energising, great time to reflect and meditate on what is important to oneself , looking and add to the goals . A study frond from Harvard’s found that people who spent 15 minutes reflecting at the end of the day had higher levels of performance than their colleagues who did not take the time to reflect on a daily basis.

One key thing I try and do as much as I can , spending time as much as with family , partners, or friends is important, but not necessarily something they have time for Monday through Friday. The weekend is the perfect time to prioritise connecting with your loved one. Ones family is one of the greatest motivation to keep one going during the crazy week and any difficulty that might pop up .

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