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Why people hate successful people ? Keep Calm and Carry on Succeeding

Negativity ? I do not recognise the meaning of the word – Tony Evans

I cant believe I am writing about Nega…. , its hard for me to even write it NEGATIVITY and Negative influence . Why so ? I am glad you asked , when you become successful and you are part of a hugely successful company , you will have to deal with people saying negative things about you and company .

Our CEO Nigel Green has written a posting on his blog on dealing with negativity :

Nigel Green deVere Group Scam! Dealing with haters!

1.“What others think of you is none of your business”
2.If you are really effective at what you do, most of the things said
about you will be negative
3.If someone tells you something cannot be done, it is just their way of
saying they cannot do it
4.“Living well is the best revenge.” (George Herbert)
5.10% of people will find a way to take anything personally
6. “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid”
7. “Keep calm and carry on”
This is a man that has created a company with over $8 billion USD under management 70 office . He has many people sending him abusive emails . Calling him scam artist , bankrupt . I personally known him for over 8 years ,I can tell you he’s just a man that has a lot of hard work ethic and thus very successful .

My personal view can easily be shown in 4 point :

  1. Jealous – Some people can’t stand someone else’s prosperity. They are naturally resentful of it. Negative people just focus on the fact that successful people acquired something good that they didn’t – and negative people hate and resent that .
  2. Negative people / Less successful people look bad against successful people .They may actually be challenged to improve themselves, ease of life may soon be shaken up. That’s not what they want as that involved hard work .
  3. People Think you don’t deserve it . You just been ‘lucky’ , I have found all successful people have been lucky , totally agree we are lucky to know hard work is what makes you lucky .
  4. Familiarity- it breeds contempt .Successful people change with the times to survive and succeed .

Don’t let negativity & toxic people rent space in your head ,Raise the rent & kick them out


Lets lock and load ,

Tony Evans


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