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Where do the world’s millionaires and billionaires live in?

Where or where do the millionaires and billionaires live?Which city is money capital ?

Well it falls into categories ;
2.Multi Millionaires

1.Millionaires Tokyo

Most $USD millionaires are located in the great city of Tokyo , with all the luxury brands and Michelin restaurants you can see and feel it.


2.Multi Millionaires London

Classified as individuals with a networth over $30million .
London what a city , in my personal view the capital city of the world as its so diverse .


3.Billionaire New York
Forth scream of the crop, successful , top of the chain it’s NewYork.
70 billionaires call it Home or in their case one of there homes


Tokyo 461,000
New York 389,000
London 281,000

Multi Millionaire
London 4,224
Tokyo 3,525
Singapore 3,154

New York 70
Moscow 64
London 54

Where ever is the money there is there the brains and a country growth .

Government should be welcoming these individuals not trying to tax them away, in a world where individuals have the opportunity and the freedom to move its never been easier for them to find countries that will welcome them .

Tony Evans

France today resembles UK in 70s – sick monsieur of Europe?

I was reading the below and it amazes me that people are shocked that theres no growth and spiralling debt in France! Not really, basic economics tax more and spend more wont work!

You have a government that’s anti capitalism and determined to tax to successful and make a unfriendly business environment . Increasing tax to a whopping 75% was a shrewd move, well it was for everyone ells as they just moved to London or Brussels. What President Hollande has forgot is we live in a Information Age were people can do business from anywhere and inside the EU you can move freely !

I watched a documentary about the late Baroness Thatcher and can see the similar similar situation as the UK in late 70s and France today . Unions very strong, government subsidising unprofitable industry and an overtaxed system.

The current French government could take a lesson from Thatcher and here ethos I leave you with a quote by Thatcher

β€œThe problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Tony Evans


EU: France must do more
The French government was put under increasing pressure today after Brussels said it must do more to help the countries sputtering economy.

Today’s report warned that France’s shrinking share of global exports and diminishing growth prospects are likely to continue unless more is done to make the country’s labour market more flexible.

Brussels fear that France’s increasing sovereign debt levels, expected to rise to 9.8%, are not only choking off growth prospects but are threatening the country’s banking system and the broader European economy.

“France’s public sector indebtedness represents a vulnerability, not only for the country itself, but also for the euro area as a whole,” the report states.

The annual reports issued today are part of new post-eurozone crisis powers given to the European Commission, to identify and pressure EU countries on where their economies are most vulnerable.

Similar warnings were also issued to Spain and Italy, but the stark evaluation of France’s economic difficulties stands out because Paris has not normally been lumped in with the region’s “peripheral” economies.

The French report is particularly blunt about the need for the president to act more decisively. Although the report praises the Hollande government for its recent efforts to lower the cost of labour and to “foster competitiveness”, it argues such measures are not adequate.


deVere looking for individuals for global expansion – 13th April 2013 London preview

I am pleased to announce Nigel Green CEO of deVere Group will be having an invitation only preview on 13thApril 2013 in centre of London ( This is an invitation only event )

If you would like to attend read the below and if your interested in hearing more email me at :

I have personally worked for deVere for over 8 years and all I can say is , deVere gives you the opportunity to succeed . All they request is hard work , intelligence and willing to learn’

This is a very rare opportunity to sit and speak to our CEO about what roles are available .

This is a interview of our CEO talking how he wants 200 offices !!

The deVere Group Graduate Scheme provides both new and recent graduates the chance to learn about the industry and provide them with an ample platform to create business with the onsite training in our London office. We provide a full introduction to the financial services industry to ensure that our graduates have a strong platform to build on to become a successful financial planning consultant.

The deVere Group is the largest independent international group of international financial advisors which provides expatriates and global international investors financial advice for their medium to long term investments. We typically assist clients in retirement and education planning as providing for the future has become more important than ever.
With 70,000 clients worldwide and $9 billion of funds under administration, the deVere Group is expanding. We work closely with a number of leading fund houses to provide a top quality service to all of our clients globally and as a result of some major successes we continue to grow. This is why we want to hear from you.
As we continue to expand, we are looking for exceptional international financial advisors in order to continue our global expansion. We are looking for those motivated and determined individuals who strive to achieve their goals and targets.
If you are looking for your international financial advisor role to allow you:

  • To progress within an ever growing company that can offer you outstanding prospects for exceptional career development.
  • A professional training programme on which to build foundations and participation in the internationally recognised financial advisor qualification from CISI.
  • An opportunity to earn an extremely competitive salary.
  • The opportunity to work overseas in one of our global office locations.

Then we can offer our international financial advisors all of this and more.
As an international financial advisor with the deVere Group you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for your career with great training and development skills provided. We encourage our financial advisors to grow within the company.

Opportunity in :

Botswana, Budapest, China – Beijing ,China – Shanghai , China – Shenzhen , Cyprus ,Czech Republic , France – Nice , France – Paris , France – Toulouse , Germany – Hamburg , Germany– Munich , Germany – Frankfurt , Ghana , Greece , Hong Kong , India , Indonesia – Bali , Indonesia – Jakarta , Italy , Japan – Tokyo , Kenya , Kuwait , Luxembourg ,Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia – Penang , Mauritius ,Mozambique , Philippines – Manila ,Poland, London , Portugal , Qatar , Russia – Moscow , South Africa – Cape Town, South Africa – Durban , South Africa – Johannesburg , Spain – Barcelona , Spain- Costa Blanca , Spain – Madrid , Spain- Marbella , Spain – Palma , Switzerland-Basel ,Switzerland-Geneva , Thailand– Bangkok, Thailand -Pattaya ,Abu Dhabi , Al Ain , Dubai , Uganda ,Ukraine , United Kingdom-London , USA – New York , USA- Miami , Vietnam -Hanoi , Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City , Zambia , Zimbabwe


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