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“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”Bruce Lee

Great quote !

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

Had to re blog from Nigel Green .


Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.

Inspired by our conference here in Seoul ,

Tony Evans

Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.


How much does it take to be wealthy?

How much does it take to be wealthy?.

How much does it take to be wealthy?

How much does it take to be wealthy? Would others consider you wealthy? That would depend on where in the world you live, reveals a new poll carried out by the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisation.

The deVere Group survey finds that in Hong Kong the average level of wealth someone would need to have to be deemed ‘wealthy’ would be 2.8 million USD (21.7m HKD*), in the United Arab Emirates it would be 2.6 million USD (9.5m AED*), in the United States it would be 1.4 million USD, in the United Kingdom it would be 1.3 million USD (837,000 GBP*), and in South Africa it would be 1.2 million USD (11.9m ZAR*).

More than 900 deVere clients throughout June and July, across these five territories – from where the international financial consultancy runs some of its largest operations – were asked ‘At what level of personal wealth would you term someone wealthy?’

In Hong Kong, UAE, USA, UK and South Africa, the overall average level of wealth that people would need to have acquired, according to those surveyed, would be 1.86 million USD.

The poll was undertaken to help gain a more in-depth understanding into the perception of wealth. This will further empower the deVere Group to better understand clients’ financial thinking and, therefore, how best to advise them to reach, and even exceed, their long-term financial goals.

Those polled were, in addition, asked ‘Does money bring you happiness?’ The overwhelming majority believe that it does. 86 per cent of those in Hong Kong replied ‘yes’, with 84 per cent in the UAE, 81 per cent in the US, 77 per cent in the UK, and 72 per cent in South Africa responding in the same way.

Overall, 80 percent of the survey’s participants believe that money does bring happiness.

Of the two sets of findings, deVere Group’s founder and chief executive, Nigel Green, comments: “The poll highlights that wealth is a subjective, largely relative, issue.

“It’s our experience that an increasing number of people across these five territories are becoming what would be deemed as ‘wealthy’. However, whatever level you are financially, the most vital thing is to have a sound, workable, progressive financial strategy.

“In addition, as the findings reveal, it is widely believed that money can bring happiness. Many things can make us happy, but I suspect the reason why most people insist money is a major contributor to happiness is because it provides a wider scope of opportunity.”

*Approximate figures.


BT Pension Deficit swells to £6billion !

BT pension funds has continued to widen at an alarming rate !Liabilities at the £41bn BT Pension Scheme rose twice as fast as assets.

The deficit has swelled to £5.7bn ! Expert believe this looks at growing to £7b very soon or 30% of market cap !

“The increase in the deficit during the year principally reflects an exceptionally low real discount rate of 0.87%,” the report noted.

“This includes the impact of quantitative easing on the debt markets and a higher inflation assumption.”

Nigel Green CEO deVere group wrote in his blog A Big Company Pension will Fall shortly, will it be BT ? looks like he could be right !

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me .

Tony Evans


Professional Pension Article- Young workers must save £800 per month:

Interesting article on research by deVere group and comments by Our CEO Nigel Green–the-cost-to-save-a-decent-pension-125856156.html

Professional Pension Article :Young workers must save £800 per month: deVere


FATCA delayed again

FATCA delayed again.

Banks and financial institutions around the world breathe a sigh of relief as the US delays the controversial FATCA once again.

In a statement issued at the end of last week the US Department of the Treasury announced that financial institutions based outside of the USA have been given six more months to complete all the procedures necessary to comply with the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

The FATCA system is intended to stamp out tax evasion and the hiding of incomes by US taxpayers, requiring all foreign financial institutions to disclose information about their US clients.

The withholding provision was scheduled to come into effect on January 1st 2014, but, according to the Treasury, the date has now been pushed back to June 30th 2014.

Commenting earlier on his blog, deVere Group CEO Nigel Green said “To my mind, this latest date change signals how the US Treasury is continuing to struggle to have all the world’s governments sign up to the intergovernmental agreement (IGA). The IGA would force those countries’ financial institutions to report their American clients’ financial activities directly to the IRS – or be hit with a 30 per cent withholding tax and be effectively blocked from doing any kind of financial transactions with the US”.

To read the rest of Nigel Green’s blog
, please click here.


deVere confirms acquisition of Gulf-based advisory firm, Acuma

Nigel Green : CEO devere Group Blog on announcement

deVere confirms acquisition of Gulf-based advisory firm, Acuma

News ;

(Update) DeVere buys Gulf-based advisory firm Acuma


8 out of 10 people without an adviser only plan short-term finances

How true is this , i see it every day . Live for today and no idea how they will live for tomorrow .

8 out of 10 people without an adviser only plan short-term finances

82 per cent of people who do not work with a financial adviser only plan their finances for the short term – and this trend cuts across income brackets, ages and nationalities, a global survey carried out by our company has recently revealed.

When some of our teams asked potential clients – who did not at the time have an adviser – “Do you typically plan your finances one year ahead, one to three years ahead, or three years or more ahead?” more than eight out of 10 responded with the first option.

654 people, aged between 25 and 75 years old, ranging from middle income earners to high net worth individuals, and based in various countries, participated in the survey.

Our survey joins a growing bank of international data that highlights the trend of a short-term outlook in individuals’ financial planning. For example, in Japan 40 per cent of all share trades are now day trades, whilst in Britain a growing number of divorcing parents are reportedly raiding their pension pots.

In my opinion, it’s extremely concerning that the vast majority of people without a financial adviser are exclusively thinking about their finances in the short-term.

It’s alarming as longer term planning gives people more opportunities and more time to reach their ultimate financial objectives – which for most of us is financial freedom. The earlier you start your financial strategy, the easier the journey to your financial goals will typically be.

In addition, as we have seen across the world, governments are being forced to continually cut age-related benefits, meaning that older people will not be able to count on outside support to the extent they have done in the past, so we have to be more financially self-reliant in retirement. Plus, we’re all living longer, and as such the money we accumulate throughout our lives has to go further than it ever has done before.

It’s time to stop thinking short-term, if personal circumstances allow, as longer-term financial planning can bring those lifestyle-enhancing benefits most of us desire sooner rather than later.

Nigel Green deVere Group

Blog written 26th June


Peter Hobbs joins deVere Group board as non-executive director

Peter Hobbs joins deVere Group board as non-executive director.

Peter Hobbs joins deVere Group board as non-executive director

The deVere Group, the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisation, has today confirmed the appointment of Peter Hobbs as a non-executive director to its board, with effect from 1st July 2013.

Previously responsible for the Generali Group’s global innovation network and strategy across 60 countries worldwide, and as a former director of Generali International and Generali Pan Europe, Mr Hobbs brings with him a wealth of top level experience in the financial industry.

Of the appointment, Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of the deVere Group, says: “It is great news that Peter Hobbs has decided to join us. I’ve enjoyed communicating with Peter for a number of years, and was always impressed by his vision for our industry. I am therefore delighted that he’s accepted our offer to join our organisation.

“The board will benefit greatly from Peter’s valuable strategic insights and experience within the financial industry and we look forward to his continued involvement in the company.”

For his part, Mr Hobbs comments: “I am looking forward to working with the deVere Group in meeting the challenges and opportunities that are ahead in the fast changing market of international financial services.”


The deVere Group is the World’s Largest Independent International Financial Consultancy. International investors and expatriates employ us to find financial services products that suit their medium to long term requirements for investments, savings and pensions. With in excess of US$9 billion of funds under administration and management, deVere has more than 70,000 clients in over 100 countries. Our independence and ability to offer financial products that are tailor-made to fit an individual’s needs are behind our success.


BA pension deficit increases but shareholders can receive dividends re blogged Nigel Green Blog

Great article by our CEO,

BA pension deficit increases but shareholders can receive dividends
BA pension holders were let down again today as trustees of the pension scheme allowed BA to restore dividends to its shareholders despite the BA pension deficit increasing.

It seems to me that deficits are now just being accepted as the normal. If allowed to pay dividends with their massive deficits still in place what incentive is there for companies like BA to re-float their pension schemes.

British Airways announced an agreement with the trustees of its large pension schemes that should lift a restriction on the airline paying a dividend.

The dividend bar was put in place in 2010, when the deficit in British Airways’ two defined benefit pension schemes was put at £3.2bn, and the airline committed to payments to fix this.

In the latest actuarial valuation of the schemes announced on Tuesday, the deficit was estimated at £3.3bn. British Airways said it would make annual payments of £360m over a 10 to 13 year period to the pension schemes, partly to fix the deficit.

With payments as low as this agreed there is little or no chance in my opinion of BA catching up on its pension deficit.

Early this year I said a big pension scheme will fall

Nigel Green deVere group

Blog written 11th June

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