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Top 10 Harvey Specter Quotes

1: “What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head?What are you talking about? You do what they say or they shoot you.WRONG. You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty six other things.”

2:”I refuse to answer that on the grounds that i dont want to.”

3:”I’m against having emotions, not using them.”

4:”That’s the difference between us, Allison. You wanna lose small, i wanna win big. ”

5:”Why don’t you check out the corner of 81st and kiss my ass.”

6:”Would you like me to thank your face with my fist. ”

7:”Life is this – I like this.”

8:“Absolutely, no kicking, no biting, and no rapid punches!”

9:”Winners dont make excuses when the other side plays the game. ”

10: “Don’t play the odds, play the man. ”


Don’t play the case , play the man

Everything comes down to people , sometimes we forget with all the distractions in our life


10 Things To Learn From Harvey Specter Of Suits

My last post about Suits got a lot of the re blogging and comments , thank you .

So here is some more tips / quotes I’ve managed to pick up tips for success in business and life in general, by watching the ways of Harvey Specter. – See more at:

1.Don’t wear a damn skinny tie to work – doesn’t look cool in business’s

2. Be a risk taker-
why live a boring life ! Can’t be successful if you don’t take risk .

3. Study, learn and know your competition
– know your enemy ! Then you can

4.Play the man, not the odds –
Like poker !

5. Take control of and own your responsibilities –
No one ells is to blame for your actions ! Take pride in your achievement and failures .

6.Sometimes being cocky is okay .

7.Master the art of reading people .
– people say all you want with their actions !

8.Be cool and keep your composure.
Don’t let people get user your skin , be a swan .

9.Following every single rule gets you nowhere .
Rules are there to be broken , ( not laws )

10.Appearances are important-
How to dress for success ? Lessons from Harvey Spector

11. Win your battles before they’ve even been fought

And yes I do know there is 11 quotes not 10! But another lesson is over deliver and under promise !


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