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Tony Evans & deVere Group Executive Fight Night III “Triple Thunder” Fight 1 – Redemption Round VIDEO

Executive Fight Night III “Triple Thunder” Fight 1
Yusuke “Re-heated Miso Soup” vs. Toyama Mirhat “Ice Cold” Alykulov
Redemption Round

When ice meets the heat, only one can win. In an EFN special ‘Redemption Round’ two fighters had the chance to re-try their luck in the ring at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom on Friday (November 8). Mirhat “Ice Cold” Alykulov, formerly known as ‘Angry Teddy Bear’ battled Yusuke “Re-Heated Miso Soup” for guts and glory.

Kicking off the night in fight 1, round 1 Yusuke came with full force going in hard after Mirahat, but the 30-year-old broker didn’t back down and came back landing hard punches to Toyama’s face. By round 2 both men had found their rhythm and were on equal footing but began looking sluggish as the clock counted down the last 30 seconds. After a brief rest the fighters were back for round 3, both taking hard hits to the face with Yusuke eventually overpowering, jabbing in rapid fire succession and knocking Mirahat to the ground. While “Ice Cold” got right back up, and began reaching more with his straight he lacked the power to land the hard hits.

Final score by unanimous decision, Yusuke “Re-Heated Miso Soup” Toyama took the title and the Magnum of Moet champagne.

EFN IV May 23, 2014

Executive Fight Night III Triple Thunder
Supported by the deVere Group & Tony Evans
Proudly brought to you by Ginja Ninja Promotions

Special thanks to:
Drawing A Crowd, Smooth Web and Fields for graphics and visuals

All fighters were trained at Club 360 Tokyo

All proceeds went to Refugees International Japan

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