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Japanese Shares Rebound on Yen & Jobless numbers

Japanese Shares Rebound on Yen weakening for the first time in over 4 days ! What a relief as I was looking at the rate and seeing 97 a good possibility .

Why the change ?

Japanese jobless rate dropped , which is a good indication that that Prime Minister Abe & BOJ Governor Kuroda Abenomics and monetary easing is working .

Yesterday Governor Kuroda gave a positive assessment of the effects of the stimulus the central bank rolled out in April, saying the economy is on track to exit 15 years of declining prices.

But in the current market it can turn in a second and we can loose 100/200 points , all now waits ok the FED meeting.

Buy Stocks on the Rumor, Sell on the News

Seams the only way to making money in this market conventionally .

Tony Evans


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