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The Lady that made Britain Great again –

Whether you agreed with her politics or not, everyone has to admit she was a true patriot with defined ethos and ideology .

She loved her country and had an ideology that she would quiver from , this I respect so much , not like todays politicians changing policy to keep the public happy .

Her Ideology not just changed the face of Great Britain but also the world .

Below is a link to a article by the Mayor of London that I think is very good .

She saved the UK from being strangled by the power of the union , stood up to Argentina and wouldn’t be bullied by the EU . The quote that I will always associate with her is :

“defeat i dont recognise the meaning of the word -Thatcher

As a child of the Thatcher era I thank you as without you I personally would not be in the industry I am in today .

Thank you and god bless

Tony Evans
Tokyo Japan


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