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Yen makes a break for it , further weakness ? You can bet on it

How exciting the ¥ has broken the illusive 100 mark ! First time in 4 years , so what you think ? This is huge , Abenomics is working .

The yen is ready to weaken even further versus the $ looking at my trading patterns . Next key point is 101.69 then 103.32. We are looking know at 104 as the next key figure to break a pattern called a triangle pattern .

I still see the Yen 105/110 at the end of the year

Fibonacci retracement is named after a 12th century Italian mathematician and based on the theory that prices rise or fall by predictable amounts after reaching a high or low. In this and other forms of technical analysis, investors and analysts study charts of trading patterns and prices to predict changes in a currency, security or index. Support refers to the lower boundary of a trading range, where buy orders may be clustered.

The Bank of Japan increased monthly bond purchases on April 4 to exceed 7 trillion yen ($696 billion) at BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda’s first policy meeting in charge, exceeding the 5.2 trillion yen forecast by economists! This was a game changer ! The bonds is equal to Turkey GDP!

This is Yen wreaking and $ strengthening , things are looking very positive .

Lets lock and load

Tony Evans

In Millionaire capital of the world Tokyo .


Breaking News – Bank Of Japan looking to increase inflation figures !


The Yen Hitting 100 against $ – In the next 24 hours ?

I have been looking at the Yen fluctuating and slightly strengthen against the USD ahead of data forecast to show U.S. retail sales stalled in March, adding to
signs the Federal Reserve will need to maintain stimulus measures. But I am taking a view that FED might look at reducing liquidity . 

Also the BOJ looking at increasing the inflation forecast !They are so bullish on

I am going against the trend and think the USD will strengthen with the report .

As always only time will say .

Lets lock and load .

Tony Evans , Tokyo American Club

Bloomberg -Dollar Drops Before Retail Sales Data; Yen Halts Decline to 100

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